JS Middle School opens ‘Care Closet’

District establishes comprehensive plan



JERSEY SHORE — Jersey Shore Area Middle School will be offering a helping hand to not only students but also their families beginning this year.

A Care Closet will be set up to provide products for the students’ basic needs, Jersey Shore Area School District Superintendent Jill Weinrich said.

The mission of the Care Closet is to provide students and families of the district with assistance in times of need.

“By providing support, in the form of hygiene products and other daily essentials, students will be more focused on their education and school attendance,” Weinrich said.

The closet will provide hygiene products, laundry detergent, clothing, special occasion items such as concert attire or semi-formal wear, laundry use with parent volunteers and sheets and towels.

These items will be based on donations from the community, she said.

“We believe that by focusing on education, instead of these basic needs, we will help students to become contributing members of our community,” she continued.

Anyone who would like to donate to the program or has any further questions is encouraged to contact mscarecloset@jsasd.org.


The district recently established a comprehensive plan which includes beginning to education students about online communication.

“Students have this technology in their hands but don’t necessarily know how to use it,” Weinrich said.

The goal of this “digital citizenship curriculum” is to teach students how to speak to each other online through various social media outlets, she said.

The district is also implementing 21st century learning spaces.

“20th century learning was rows and rows of desks,” Weinrich explained.

21st Century learning “allows a teacher to personalize student learning,” she continued.

Teachers are being encouraged to apply for grants which will allow them to purchase standing desks, desks that may have peddles on them to give more hyperactive students an outlet while learning and also rearranging desks to provide the best learning environment for their students.

“It’s a space where students feel comfortable learning,” she said. “It gives (them) choices.”

The district also plans to create new curriculums such as character education and career education and work standards expansion.

The final goal to help students learn is to help define character and social skills programming at each grade level, work towards additional counseling services/ staff to the district as the elementary level and provide a social worker for students and families in the district.

The district’s mission statement in their comprehensive plan is: “The Jersey Shore Area School District will provide a supportive environment where all members learn, grow and succeed to positively impact the world around them.”

A full detailed copy of the district’s comprehensive plan can be found on their website jsasd.org.


Jersey Shore Area Elementary School will be providing a learning center to its students thanks to a grant acquire by principal Adrienne Johnston.

“This five-year grant will allow the district to offer an after school program that will serve an estimated 120 students in first through fifth grade,” Weinrich said.

The Learning Center will be located at the elementary school and will include students from all three elementary schools, Jersey Shore, Avis and Salladasburg.

It will provide after-school academic enrichment programs for students including:

∫ The use of computers/iPads to access educational programs.

∫ Literacy and math intervention.

∫ STEM activities.

∫ Physical and health and nutritional education.

∫ Library access.

∫ Homework help.

∫ Enrichment activities.

∫ Field trips to educational sites.

“The primary goal of the Learning Center would be to improve the academic performance of students in the program, while balancing meeting the needs of the whole child: safety, nutrition and emotional support,” Weinrich said.


The Jersey Shore Area High School has added a school-wide positive behavior support initiative to foster “interpersonal skills.

The SHORE initiative (Safety, Honesty, Ownership, Respect, Engagement) is a continuance of the school’s “Compassion with Character” program, Weinrich said.

In July the high school also held a STEM camp which saw almost 200 students participate, she said.

The district is also continuing it’s career pathways.

“Jersey Shore High School is future ready with Career Pathways… we continue to develop and grow with Career Pathways Curriculum Model to support our “future ready” students,” principal Steven Keen said.

Various sports teams will be debuting this month as well including:

∫ Girls varsity tennis match at 4 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 19.

∫ Varsity football game at Bellefonte High School at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23.

∫ Girls varsity soccer playing Warrior Run High School at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 30.

∫ Boys varsity soccer playing in the Millville Rarig Labor Day Weekend Tournament.

∫ Varsity cross country teams at Midd-West at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3.