JSSD offers after school program for elementary students

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PHOTO PROVIDED A group of students begin to construct a building out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

JERSEY SHORE — When you walk into Jersey Shore Area Elementary School any weekday afternoon between 2:30 and 5, you can find students involved in a variety of fun and educational activities.

Each day students rotate between five different academic stations. These include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), reading, math, language arts, health and physical education. The after-school program was made possible by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The program began on Sept. 3 and serves approximately 110 students each day. Students in grades 1-5 from Avis, Jersey Shore, and Salladasburg Elementary schools are eligible to attend the program, which is free of cost to parents. The after-school program is in operation every school day with the exception of early dismissals.

Mrs. Teri Dolan-Ward leads all students in STEAM activities each day. September’s STEAM activities have included designing paper parachutes, KEVA plank challenges, building the tallest three-dimensional structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows, discovering why it is hard to make inventions, and investigating structure and survival: why birds have beaks.

Mr. Aaron Kemnitz leads the health and physical education classes at the 21st CCLC after-school program. Students can be found in the gym or on the playground participating in physical education activities on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mr. Kemnitz teaches health lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, utilizing the Too Good for Drugs curriculum, which encourages kids to practice making positive life choices at an early age.

PHOTOS  PROVIDED A student at JSSD’s after school program examines a puzzling situation.

The library is in operation during the after-school program as well. Students have the opportunity to check books in and out of the library, take quizzes for Accelerated Reader, and conference with their after-school reading teacher, Mrs. Mary Engel. Mrs. Engel encourages students in their reading and helps them to select books that are just right for them each day.

All students participate in Rocket Math, an online and paper-pencil program that helps students develop fluency with math facts. Mrs. Diane Mantek, leads this program and is assisted by Mrs. Kathy Logue, Mrs. Caroline Hufnagle, and Mrs. Donnica Confair. Each student practices math facts at his or her individual level. Progress is tracked by students themselves so they can see a visual representation of their growth.

Students receive a nutritious snack each day at the after-school program, and all of the teachers and aides assist students in completing their homework. Mrs. Theresa Murray meets with students individually and in small groups to help with specific homework questions and needs.


— Students will soon begin to take part in personalized reading interventions utilizing Fundations, a Wilson phonics program, and Read Live, a reading fluency program accessed on student iPads.

— Monthly parenting workshops will be offered during the after-school program for adults.

— The JSAE 21st CCLC program will be offering a four-week summer program in summer 2020, which will include meals, academic intervention/enrichment, and field trips.

If you would like more information on the program or would like to enroll your child, please email Ms. Adrienne Johnston, principal at Jersey Shore Area Elementary, at ajohnston@jsasd.org.


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