Schlow to join other libraries in boycott

New restrictions from publishers hurt access for patrons

STATE COLLEGE — In recent months, major publishers have changed how and when library users can access their eAudiobooks.

These restrictions, enacted by Simon & Schuster and Blackstone Audio, are creating barriers to what patrons can access through their libraries. The changes include prohibiting library users from accessing certain titles for 90 days and forcing libraries to re-purchase in-demand digital audiobooks at the regular price after just 24 months.

These new terms will result in patrons having fewer titles to choose from and waiting longer for popular titles.

Because of the impact these changes will have on library users, Schlow Centre Region Library has chosen to join other libraries in the state and across the country in boycotting digital audiobooks from these publishers beginning on Sept. 30. The boycott will continue for six months.

“Restrictive e-audio pricing and restrictive licensing is preventing us from providing the audio books our users want and need,” says Cathi Alloway, Schlow Centre Region Library director. “We hope that publishers will notice our message: Libraries build readership that ultimately improves sales. Equal access for library patrons benefits everyone.”

The boycott does not impact what patrons will be able to access in print or in eBook format.

Schlow will continue to make every effort to provide their patrons with the books they want to read, and in the ways they want to read them. They hope that by joining this boycott publishers will reconsider restrictions that negatively impact library users.

For more information, please visit their website at schlowlibrary.org or contact the library at 814-237-6236.