Water to be lowered at dam next Thursday

River lot owners asked to remove boats, docks



LOCK HAVEN — River lot owners should remove their boats and docks before Thursday, Sept. 26, when the water levels at Tidlow Dam will be lowered by city hired contractors.

“Access in and around the dam will be restricted at this time, so it is advised that all boats and docks be removed prior to this date,” a press release from City Hall said.

Greenland Construction in Clearfield has been hired for repairds to the impact walls of the dam at a cost of $393,000.

“These are the concrete barriers that create the dam effect,” City Public Works Director Anthony Stopper told The Express.

“Currently there are a few deficient concrete blocks causing a small whirlpool you can see on the upstream side of the dam,” Stopper said.

He said the dam sees a lot of wear and tear due to ice, trees, brush and other debris making its way down the river, and this causes small deficiencies in the concrete blocks or even leads to them breaking apart.

The extent of the repairs needed won’t be known until the water levels are lowered. According to the city’s engineer, Gwin Dobson & Foreman, this is a typical process for this type of dam.

To remove the damaged impact wall, Greenland will first try to pull it using chains and eye bolts attached to the wall. If the eye bolts are too rusted and it is unsafe to latch onto them, the company will have to smash the wall, Stopper said.

Repairs are expected to be completed by March 2020 at the latest.

The project will be paid for with a 2018 borrowing package, according to City Manager Gregory Wilson. He said $629,000 was borrowed for river-related projects, including $300,000 for repairs to Tidlow Dam and $329,000 for improvements to the levee.

Wilson said $93,000 will be taken from the levee funds leaving $236,000 remaining for any repairs the walkway may need, including updating the lighting and resurfacing walkways.

Anyone who may have questions about the project is asked to contact the City’s Department of Public Works at 570-893-5917.


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