Centre County courthouse annex to get new signs

BELLEFONTE — New signage is coming soon to the Centre County courthouse annex.

At Tuesday’s Centre County commissioners’ meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved a proposal from Howard Industries to provide a building directory and signs for the courthouse annex. The project is not to exceed $22,668.10.

Sue Hannegan, special assistant, gave a presentation about the need for signage at the annex.

“A directory sign is much needed so that people have some idea or indication of where the offices are located on the various floors,” she said.

There will also be directional signs throughout the building. According to Hannegan, there are currently pieces of paper hung with tape throughout the annex.

“It’s always so funny to see the paper signs that we include in various places that we provide. These taped paper signs will be replaced with an (actual) sign,” Hannegan said.

Throughout the halls, signage will be hung to direct those walking through the annex as to where certain offices and restrooms are.

Hannegan said that while the signs are certainly an upgrade from paper and tape, nothing is permanent.

“That’s the really unique thing. When we went out to look at various companies, that was one of the criteria that we used — the sign had to be interchangeable. If suite 102 becomes someone different in the future or we have blank spaces there. There a little suction cup that lifts the clear plastic panel off,” Hannegan said. “We will not have paper and tape. All the paper is going to go away with this project. That’s the goal.”

The new signs will have Braille, making them ADA compliant, Hannegan said.

Howard Industries is based in Fairview, Pa.

In other business, the commissioners:

— Approved a contract award for the IFB-High Street/Penn Street parking area paving project to EBY Paving and Construction, Inc., of Bellefonte. Cost of the project is $61,020. Paving will take place beginning Friday, Nov. 22. It’s expected to take four to five days to complete the project, according to deputy administrator Bob Jacobs.

— Approved a contract award for the RFB-card access controls system upgrade project. Watkins Security’s bid of $96,881 was $26,000 less than the second closest bid.

— Approved a payment request to DCED for reimbursement of permit fees for the Mountaintop Activity Center in the amount of $925.93.

— Approved a liquid fuels payment in the amount of $50,000 to Penn Township for completion of a re-paving and replacement project for two culverts on Orndorf Road.

— Issued proclamation No. 30 of 2019, which proclaimed Oct. 24 as United Nations Day in Centre County.

The commissioners will meet again at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15.