JS Farmers Market opens Thursday

JERSEY SHORE — When the Jersey Shore Flea and Farmers Market was up for sale, Sugar Valley native Emanuel “Mac” Peachey felt he needed to step up and take over the operation.

Locals Ed and Geraldine Snook ran the market for years before Ed’s unfortunate passing earlier in the year, Peachey said.

After her husband’s passing, Geraldine decided to pass on the operation of the flea market to someone new. That’s where Peachey came in.

“It just stuck in my head that maybe I should do it,” he said.

Peachey grew up in a grocery store, helping his family operate the business so he knows what it will take to keep the local market up and running.

In September, Peachey closed down the market to give himself time to renovate the space.

The building, which sits along Route 44 about a mile outside of Jersey Shore, went through some major changes.

An area that was once a cafe with tables and chairs near the kitchen, is now open to make room for more vendors.

The walls were opened and insulation was installed to help keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer, Peachey said.

Once completed, the walls were replaced and painted white with maroon trim.

“My goal is to build this up as a farmers market more than a flea market,” he said.

So far over 30 vendors have rented space, selling everything from bulk candies to Nan’s Donuts.

There will be lots of food items that include produce, meats, cheeses, jellies and jams, desserts, and even a unique twist on pickles from Peter Peppers PA Pickles, he said.

“It could go on and on,” he said.

Flowers and greenery will also be for sale through the year including poinsettia in December, he said.

Although the focus is more on grocery items, there will still be some flea market vendors, Peachey said.

“My goal is to bring enough people in here so that people can come in here and do their weekly shopping,” he said. “A one stop shop.”

The kitchen will open throughout the day as well serving classic food-truck-style items like hot dogs, hot sausages, hamburgers, and French fries.

As time goes on and Peachey gets a better feel on what is wanted and what improvements could be made things at the market could change, he said.

Peachey said the process to renovate the building, gather vendors and get everything ready for opening day has been a bit overwhelming, but worth it.

With opening day getting closer and closer, Peachey said things will get a little hectic as vendors come in daily to set up and prepare for opening day on Dec. 5.

“I get so excited, I get butterflies” Peachey said with a smile.

The market will officially open at 7 a.m. on Thursday with a grand opening planned for some time in the spring.

The market is located at 1308 South Route 44, Jersey Shore and will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Thursday except the day after Christmas.

There are still some vendor spaces open, Peachey said. Anyone who may like to rent a space is encouraged to contact him at 570-217-7653.


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