Bus service from NYC to Pennsylvania suspended

STATE COLLEGE — There will be no more Megabus trips from New York City to Pennsylvania.

For several weeks, Megabus was making trips from New York City to State College and other cities in Pennsylvania. Now, those trips have been suspended.

New York City has has seen a massive surge in COVID-19 cases in the past several days and the White House Coronavirus Task Force has urged anyone who has been in or left the city to self-isolate for 14 days.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf was asked about it during his daily news conference on Thursday.

“Regularly-scheduled bus services that are coming in from states where there’s a problem, that does pose an issue that we have to address,” Wolf said. “We’re doing that right now.”

Earlier in the day, a news release from Megabus said that the COVID-19 crisis forced the company to cancel its trips to and from New York City.

The release reads: “In an abundance of caution and supporting the recommendation that anyone traveling from New York self quarantine for 14 days, we have suspended all Megabus service in and out of New York City through Thursday, April 9. Coach USA will continue to run our local commuter services on the current reduced schedules. These services provide a safe means of travel for those essential workers fro whom it is vital that they are able to travel to their place of work, in particular healthcare and utility workers. All passengers booked on trips in and out of New York during this time will receive an email with instructions on how to reschedule their trip.”

Wolf said that he’s considering suspending all bus travel from outside the state — not just New York.

“I don’t have an answer on what we’re going to do about that. Everything we’re trying to do here is to buy time,” Wolf said.

During each news conference, Wolf stresses the importance of “buying time.”

“Anything going on out there … anything that runs counter to the goal of buying time, to allow our healthcare system to build the capacity it needs. Anything that we do jeopardizes that, jeopardizes our well being and our safety,” Wolf said.


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