Follow the heart of a little boy; Paint the town with rainbows

PHOTO PROVIDED Cooper Litz attaches his rainbow on the window at his home.

LOCK HAVEN — One little boy has found something to do that not only helps him pass the time since schools are closed, but also offers happiness, hope and a feeling of togetherness to the community.

It’s a rainbow — a symbol that expresses positive emotions, such as happiness, feelings of togetherness, hope, and good fortune.

And for sure we need some of those things right now.

Cooper Litz, 8, made a rainbow with colored markers and placed it on the front window of his home on East Bald Eagle Street, offering all those who pass by to perhaps think of the beautiful God-given treasures in our world and for a moment forget about the virus that is sweeping the country and instead count their blessings.

His mother Missy, said she was telling Cooper that she read about some of the kids in Philadelphia making rainbows and putting them in the windows.

PHOTO PROVIDED Cooper Litz draws his rainbow with colored markers.

Cooper thought it was a great idea and told his mother he wanted to do it here in Lock Haven.

So he gathered some paper and colored markers and went to work.

When he was done, he put the brightly colored rainbow in the front window of the family’s home on East Bald Eagle Street.

“The idea is for children or even adults to make a rainbow and put it in their window so it can be seen. Families who walk their dogs, or just take a walk and see these rainbows. Maybe they can just go looking for rainbows,” Missy said.

Cooper said he hopes some of his friends from Dickey School will walk by and see it.

“Even if he can’t play with them, he can at least wave and say, ‘hi,’ his mother said.

So now Cooper’s working on another rainbow for another window at his home, and hoping that others might do the same and fill the town with rainbows in their windows.

It will show the world that this community believes in love and hope even during the darkest days.

Now it’s your turn.

Get out the markers, crayons or paint and help us paint the town with rainbows of hope and color the world with love.


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