Geisinger Jersey Shore screening patients before entering hospital

PHOTO PROVIDED Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital is using five tents to help screen people before they enter the hospital. They have raised floors, are heated and each one serves its own purpose. The tents are not a testing site for COVID-19.

JERSEY SHORE — Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital is taking extra precautions to prevent possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Tents have been set up outside the emergency entrance where patients are being screened for any respiratory illnesses that could be COVID-19 before entering the building, Marc Stempka, media relations specialist at Geisinger said.

“These screening tents outside the emergency departments are designed to ensure the safety of all of our patients, visitors and employees by taking precautionary measures to prevent potential exposure to respiratory illnessess,” he said.

Stempka stressed the tents do not provide testing for the virus; they are only checking for any signs a person may be exhibiting symptoms.

“All patients who arrive at our emergency departments with true emergencies, along with anyone accompanying them, will be screened for respiratory illness symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath upon arrival,” he said.

He noted that tents similar to those in Jersey Shore are located at every Geisinger location across the region to make sure their patients are as safe as possible.

“Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital is open and the emergency department is here to care for folks having medical emergencies,” he said. “It’s just a screening area.”

“Don’t show up there for testing (for the virus),” he repeated. “Call your primary care physician or our hotline at 570-284-3675 if you believe you have the virus. They will help you to find the right line of care.”

Meanwhile on Tuesday, a testing site opened in Williamsport at an outpatient specimen collection site.

That site at 609 Brandon Ave., is not open to the public.

Anyone who believes they are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus must be referred to the site by a physician.


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