City, county continue providing public services

LOCK HAVEN — With non-life sustaining businesses closed, the public not permitted to enter county buildings and Lock Haven declaring a state of emergency, many services people have become accustomed to are not accessible.

So, you might ask, what is still available.

Throughout the city and county as a whole there are still services remaining in place to continue to provide for the public, as well as restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


After Mayor Joel Long declared a state of emergency last week, all city buildings – including City Hall, Second Avenue garage, Waste Water Treatment Plant and fire stations – were closed to the public.

However, there are still those on the city’s staff who are working to provide important services to the public.

“All sworn police officers are still on the job as are all our paid fire (truck) drivers and volunteers responding to active emergencies,” City Manager Gregory Wilson said.

Wilson said that employees at the Wastewater Treatment Plant are still treating sewer and dealing with line issues as they develop.

The city’s streets, water and property (levee/parks) foremen are working to handle any regular and emergency public works issues, he continued.

At Piper Memorial Airport, manager Doug Wenker is still keeping the airport open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. and after hours and on weekends. Pilots can call for services.

Although the staff has been cut down in City Hall, there are still some who are processing sewer and water bill payments as well as handling invoices to city vendors.

“We still have our salaried staff coming in and processing bills for customers, receiving payments and paying invoices to our vendors, most of which are small businesses; many are local and could use the money right now,” Wilson said.

City residents must still pay their sewer and water bills, but any late fees have been waived in light of the state of emergency. Bills must be mailed to City Hall at 20 E. Church St., Lock Haven.

The city code enforcement office is not handing out permits due to restrictions on construction businesses, unless they receive a waiver from Gov. Tom Wolf for a project, Wilson said.

Metered parking is also still in place during business hours – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday – as part of the city’s local laws and ordinances related to parking rules and regulations.


Although county buildings are closed to the public, staff continues to provide all essential services to keep county government operating during this time. Any citizens needing services should call or email the department in which they require services.

Those who do not have the ability to email or mail documents, can use a drop-box located outside the main entrance of the Piper Building. Please label your correspondence with the intended department recipient. If you require a receipt, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The following contact information is listed for county officials:

— Assessment office: 570-893-4031 or assessment@clintoncountypa.com

— Auditors: 570-893-4011 or auditors@clintoncountypa.com

— Children & Youth: 570-893-4100 or cys@clintoncountypa.com

— Commissioners: 570-893-4000 or commissioners@clintoncountypa.com

— Chief Clerk: 570-893-4043

— Conservation District: 570-726-3798 or conserve@clintoncountypa.com

— County courts: 570-893-4016 or commonpleas@clintoncountypa.com

— District attorney: 570-893-4141 or da@clintoncountypa.com

— Planning: 570-893-4080 or planning@clintoncountypa.com

— Prothonotary: 570-893-4007 or prothonotary@clintoncountypa.com

— Register & Recorder: 570-893-4010 or regrec@clintoncountypa.com

— Sheriff: 570-893-4070 or sheriff@clintoncountypa.com

— Treasurer: 570-893-4004 or treasurer@clintoncountypa.com

— Veteran affairs: 570-893-4339 or va@clintoncountypa.com

— Victim witness: 570-893-8353 or victimwitness@clintoncountypa.com

— Voter registration: 570-893-4019 or voter@clintoncountypa.com


The Wayne Township Landfill is closed to the general public and Clinton County Curbside Recycling pickup has also been suspended until further notice. Commercial Waste Haulers are still being accepted at the landfill during regular weekday hours and are closed on Saturdays. Those who wish to recycle can still do so by visiting a drop off site located throughout the county.

The Lycoming County Landfill has suspended its recycling program until April 1. The suspension may be extended depending on how the situation develops. Lycoming County Resource Management asks that you do not leave materials sitting outside the boxes during the suspension.

In Centre County, the curbside recycling collection program has been suspended until further notice.


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