LH Mayor addresses fake city Facebook account

LOCK HAVEN — Mayor Joel Long denounced a post made by a Facebook parody account called “The City of Lock Haven” Sunday afternoon.

The post from the account said “Anyone cought within city limits just walking around, or hanging out with friends will be subject to community service. Duties like emptying trash cans, picking up cigarette butt’s, sweeping side walkes. We may even make you work the pizza stand during the Regatta. (if it doesn’t get cancelled too)”

Long shared a screenshot of the post telling residents that the account is “satire” and the city of Lock Haven does not have a Facebook account.

“Please DO NOT assume anything out on this page is from the city,” his post reads.

Long told The Express he’s known about the account for awhile but wasn’t concerned about its activity until now.

“It’s all well and good fun until we’re in a situation where we are in currently. If they put something up that was misinformation as a joke and people took it seriously and followed it, it could cause problems,” he said.

Long was alerted to the post by an individual who “tagged” him during the day.

“There were people responding as though it was fact, as if that was the city’s page. So I wanted to get out there that we don’t have an official Facebook page, that this is a joke. It’s fake, it’s satire,” he said. “Please do not follow anything on this page as if the city is giving it.”

Long acknowledged that the administrators of the account, who aren’t identified, have a right to the page but wished there was a way to make it more obvious the account is not official.

“I do wish Facebook would require it say “satire” in the name,” he said.

Long encourages everyone to visit the city’s website, www.lockhavenpa.gov, to get official information involving city business.

“If they really want to know, the website is where to get the most recent information,” he said. “Whatever information they’re looking for, if they go to our website they can find it.”

The city also created an app, Lock Haven City, which can be downloaded for free from Apple and Google Play stores.


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