DA: County will not prosecute re-opening violators

LOCK HAVEN — Clinton County District Attorney Dave Strouse said the county will not prosecute those who violate Gov. Wolf’s re-opening restrictions.

Strouse said his office has received recent inquiries from citizens and on Sunday offered the following statement:

“As you may know, on Wednesday May 6, the United States Supreme Court upheld Governor Wolf’s order to close establishments throughout the Commonwealth.

“With that said, the Clinton County DA’s office is not seeking to prosecute business or business owners who are in violation of these orders. We have communicated to all Clinton County police chiefs that it is our preference that they not investigate or prosecute them either, and to leave the enforcement of Governor Wolf’s orders to state enforcement agencies such as the Pennsylvania State Police.

“That decision to issue citations is up to each individual municipality’s police chief, and board of elected officials. Citations are not prosecuted by the DA’s office.

“Business owners should consider the fact that state agencies such as the Department of State and Department of Health retain enforcement power that is unchecked by the DA’s office. Statewide professional licensing boards may also take action against any business owner not complying with a statewide order.

“If, for some reason, a business owner is charged by a Clinton County law enforcement agency for a criminal offense relating to an alleged violation of the Governor’s order, our office will review each case individually, and make decisions on prosecution based upon the totality of the circumstances.

“It is my hope that the people and businesses of Clinton County continue to show their dedication to our neighbors and the vulnerable among us by exercising strict adherence to CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines for social distancing, sanitation and precautionary measures.”


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