Clinton County lists green phase plans and protocol

LOCK HAVEN — Clinton County has prepared its buildings and departments for moving to a green phase opening based on Governor Tom Wolf’s guidelines.

For the coming weeks, county employees will continue to rotate on–site work hours and work from home when able. All furloughed employees will remain so until individual recalls are approved by the commissioners. It is their intention to gradually increase both public access and employee presence.

Clinton County Government has not closed. Business operations have continued throughout the pandemic.

This plan is created to transition from the yellow phase to the green phase and establish public availability and employee protocol.

This plan will detail building and department operations beginning from the effective date until further notice.

County business will continue to transpire Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

All public meetings will continue to be held on–line until further notice.

Each department within county government is unique in the service it provides and the access that is needed by the public. The commissioners have consulted with all departments and elected officials on their comfort level and ability to give public access to county buildings.

Doors to county buildings will be unlocked and visitors will check in with security. The Garden Building will remain closed due to ongoing repairs, with the exception of Veteran Affairs located at the rear of the building.

At the Piper Building, if the desired department is already serving an appointment, walk–in visitors without an appointment will be asked to wait in the lobby. Departments may meet visitors in the lobby, on the patio, or at the pavilion if the purpose of the visit allows.

The health and safety of our employees and our community are our priority, the commissioners said. This will serve as a living document and may be amended and/or updated at any time.

All Clinton County

buildings will:

— Require a mask of ALL visitors and vendors of its buildings. Masks will not be provided to guests.

— Require a verbal and temperature screening of all visitors entering county buildings.

— Provide hand sanitizer at various locations throughout county buildings and specifically at public interaction areas.

— Provide protective barriers at public interaction counters and locations.

— Have posted signs about social distancing, hand washing, and other preventative measures as a reminder to staff and visitors.

— Prohibit public from roaming office to office.

— The County will not approve work place travel/training.

All Clinton County

employees will:

— Report any symptoms or exposure of COVID19 to your immediate supervisor PRIOR to reporting to work. Do not arrive to work ill or knowing you have had possible exposure.

— Continue to practice social distance measures while working on site.

— Wear masks when meeting with co-workers or public guests. Employees will not be required to wear masks while alone in their offices. If you visit another county building for any reason, wear your mask.

— When able, meet visitors at main door to deliver or receive items. Encourage phone and email interaction before face-to-face meetings. Encourage items to be dropped off at our correspondence boxes located at each county building.

— Regularly wash hands and sanitize workspaces.

— Only one person in elevator at a time.

— No public or workplace meetings needing more than ten people will be held in person.

— Social distance and masks must be worn when meetings with ten or less people take place.

— Electronic platforms will be used for meetings of eleven or more employees and/or public.

— Do not share equipment needed to do your job. (Computer, office supplies, etc.) Shared copiers should have disinfectant available and hand sanitizer close by.

— Employees are expected to limit personal travel and continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and Department of Health.

— Maintain the upmost concern for customer service and troubleshooting how best to help members of our community.

— The County will continue to adhere to the Employee Pandemic Response Policy updated on May 15, 2020

— All employees returning from furlough will be subject to a screening questionnaire. This screening will be administered by the supervisor or Human Resources.

All departments will:

— Work together to coordinate multi-office appointments for individuals needing multiple


— Notify visitors of the screening policies and other specifics prior to scheduled appointment.

— Inform building security personnel of appointments, both guest name and time expected. A form will be provided for consistency.

The public will:

— Wear a mask when entering all county buildings. If a public visitor is unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition, please wait outside and a staff member will assist you.

— Call or email for an appointment when direct service is required.

— Use drop boxes on the front entrance of each building to deliver correspondence. If using drop box, place your items in an envelope and clearly mark the intended department.


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