County’s primary runs smooth, despite changes, differences

LOCK HAVEN — There was a lot new and different in Tuesday’s Primary Election, but Clinton County election workers reported no problems and the process went smoothly.

Voter turnout at the polls was down, most likely due to the coronavirus that continues to keep locals masked and practicing social distancing, and also because of a new way of voting this year via mail-in ballots.

Even the normal election night fanfare was changed as the Piper Building was closed to the public and county staff collected ballots from poll workers at the entrance to the building and remained in the first floor reception area to record the numbers as each of the county’s 34 precincts’ votes were tallied.

Only 22.81 percent of the county’s 20,811 registered voters turned out at the polls. That included 1,304 Democrats and 3,443 Republicans.

Another 2,849 county residents cast votes via mail-in or absentee ballots.

Those votes need to be verified, validated and counted, which will take several days, according to Clinton County Director of Elections Maria Boileau.

On Thursday, the Clinton County Election Board will review all provisional ballots for processing on Friday, when the board will begin the official computation and canvassing of the votes cast from the June 2 primary, Boileau said.

The Board of Elections must certify the results by June 24 and those numbers will then be official. Boileau said that process could be completed before June 24 and the final official results of the primary released.

Here’s how Clinton County voters cast their votes at the polls on Tuesday.

DEMOCRATIC — President of the U.S. — Bernie Sanders, 232; Joseph R. Biden, 749; Tulsi Garabard, 89; write-ins 157.

–Attorney General — Josh Shapiro, 1,100; write-ins, 22.

–Auditor General — Scott Conklin, 792; Michael Lamb, 1,1l8; Tracie Fountain, 43; Rose Rosie Marie Davis, 44; Nina Ahmad, 126; Christina M. Hartman, 59; write-ins 24.

— State Treasurer — Joe Torsella, 1,085; write-ins 27.

— Representative in Congress — Lee Griffin, 1,060; write-ins, 32.

— Senator 25th District — Marge Brown, 1,066; write-ins, 32.

— Representative 76th District — Joe Waltz, 1,171; write-ins, 47.

— Delegate National Convention — Nanci Rommel, 655; Keith Bierly, 672; Rachel Delgrego, 353; Rick Thomas, 565; Caroline Ries, 299; Kimberly Hart, 620; Taran Samarth, 228; Danny Muldowney, 238; write-ins, 48.


— President of the U.S. — Donald J. Trump, 3,290; Roque Rocky De La Fuente, 18; Bill Weld, 61; write-ins 33.

— Attorney General — Heather Heidelbaugh, 3,056; write-ins, 11.

— Auditor General — Timothy DeFoor, 3,028; write-ins, 11.

— State Treasurer — Stacy L. Garrity, 3,009; write-ins, 9.

— Representative 12th District — Fred Keller, 3,176; write-ins, 11.

— Senator 25th District — Cris Dush, 2,314; Jim Brown, 325; John Herm Suplizio, 681; write-ins, 9.

— Representative 76th District, Stephanie Borowicz, 3,176; write-ins, 85.

— Delegate National Convention — Tina Pickett, 1,239; Donald Hoffman, 1,350; Carol Sides, 942; Dave Huffman, 1,033; Alan Hall, 717; Krystle Bristol, 874; Todd Robatin, 353; Mark J. Harris, 944; write-ins, 30.

— Alternate Delegate to National Convention — Daniel F. Clark, 2,364; Mary J. Hayes, 1,945; Irene C. Harris, 1,748; write-ins, 42.


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