Masks required on all Lock Haven properties

LOCK HAVEN — If you think you can enter City Hall or any other city owned property without a mask, think again.

City Manager Gregory Wilson reminded residents Monday night that masks are required in all city properties for the foreseeable future. This also doesn’t infringe on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“I want to make clear that under the Americans with Disabilities Act you entering this building without a mask is not a reasonable accommodation,” Wilson said.

That doesn’t mean residents who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons can’t conduct business with the city.

“If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons we will make a reasonable accommodation for you,” Wilson said.

This includes conducting business electronically, over the phone or by mail.

Wilson emphasized again that not wearing a mask in city buildings is not a reasonable accommodation.

“Entering this building and putting yourself and other people who work here or customers here at risk is not a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” he said.

“If you are using that as your excuse, not as a valid reality, but as your excuse that no one can ask me to put on a mask you will not enter city hall or any city facility without a mask on,” he emphasized. “If you are too unwell to wear a mask you are likely too unwell to be coming into a building with other people and we will make an accommodation to keep you safe.”

On the topic of masks, both Mayor Joel Long and Councilman William “Bill” Mincer reminded residents that masks are still required in businesses.

“If we want to stay in the green phase and move forward to having no restrictions we need to maintain our vigilance and follow the directions from the CDC, the government and the department of health,” Mincer said.

Long asked residents to be kind to store owners and employees in terms of masking.

“Please for those who are listening, have respect for the store owners and the employees. These people are just trying to do their jobs,” he said.

Wilson also gave a brief update on the city’s COVID-19 14-day infection rate noting that the numbers are looking good.

“Today we are 10.66 per 100,000… the county is in the 20s I believe,” he said. “We’re still well below the 50 per 100,000 rate.”

“Of the recent infections that came in the last three weeks, five of those were in the city but in the last couple of days some of those have dropped off so we are down to three in the city zip code right,” continued.

According to Wilson’s date, Beech Creek and Loganton zip codes have seen more recent spike in case activity and the Jersey Shore zip code that crosses into the county is also at a higher rate of infection.

“You’re talking about quantities that are small but have a large impact on the per 100,000 because of low population. It’s important to be vigilant whether it’s five people in a crowd of 100 or five people in a crowd of 1,000,” he said.

“It’s relatively easy without taking safety precautions to become infected according to medical experts,” he continued.

Wilson said if the infection rate were to reach 30 per 100,000 he would report this to council but, upon request, will provide the infection rate numbers.

All members of council were present for Monday night’s meeting held via live stream on the city’s Youtube and Facebook pages.


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