Volunteers wanted for city’s farmers market

LOCK HAVEN –The city of Lock Haven is looking for volunteers to help at the downtown farmers market.

City Manager Gregory Wilson told council during their regular meeting this week that volunteers are welcome to take part in the Market on Main produce sale.

The farmers market is held each Saturday in the Main Street Parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or when products are sold out.

“There are jobs for everyone and it is all volunteer,” Wilson said.

Currently the market is run by city staff volunteering their time to help transport the products from City Hall to the market, set up the stands and tents and sell the produce.

“We basically get all the produce delivered Friday at City Hall. then we have to load it into vehicles and take it down to Main Street,” he said.

Wilson explained that most of the staff volunteering are working six days a week to help keep the market going.

“It’s a tremendous amount of work,” he said. “They mostly work six days a week because doing the farmers market is a six to seven hour (job) from beginning to end.”

Members of council have also volunteered their time to help unload and sell produce.

“Any member of the public interested in seeing this as a benefit to our community and would like to see it sustained… right now is the time to come and say ‘hey I will help’ because we really need people to help with it,” he said.

Volunteers to sell the product aren’t the only people the city is in search of. They’d also like area farmers and produce merchants to take part.

“We’re looking for farmers to come in and kind of replace us,” Mayor Joel Long said. “We’ve shown that there’s definitely a market for this and so you don’t have to be afraid.”

Long and many members of council including Steve Stevenson, William “Bill” Mincer, Barbara “Barb” Masorti and Richard “Rick” Conklin expressed their excitement in just how busy the market has been each Saturday.

“I did a fly through a couple of times (Saturday) and it looked busy, people looked happy,” Stevenson said. “I’ve heard good feedback on the quality of the taste of the berries and the other products.”

“I’ve gone both weekends and it was really packed this weekend… you have to get there early,” Mincer said.

“People are willing to come down and buy produce and vegetables from downtown,” Long said.

According to Wilson, the city sold $1,400 worth of produce on July 25 and $1,300 on Aug. 1.

“They don’t even have to have a truck load of stuff,” Conklin added.

Long also emphasized that if a merchant wanted to sell an item the city wouldn’t sell the same thing.

“The whole point of this was to make sure we had enough that people would come. When we tried to do it in the past by saying ‘hey farmers bring stuff,’ we didn’t get enough to have a selection,” he said.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time at the market or selling a product can contact Director of Community Life Kasey Campbell at 570-893-5612.


In other business council:

— Were notified the city’s share of the River Valley Transit annual participation donation will increase by $375. The increase comes after First Quality pulled out of the program. Wilson said he did not know why the company did so.

— Approved Josh Grimes’s resignation from the Planning Commission due to moving outside of the city.

— Approved a use request of Zindel Park on Oct. 3, 2021.

— Approved an ordinance to establish the 2019 Community Development Block Grant budget.

— Approved a 10 year extension which designated the Piper Airport Industrial Park as a Keystone Opportunity Zone.


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