Theft of political signs widespread throughout area


Political signs, the vast majority supporting Democratic candidates, have been pulled out of the ground and thrown into piles throughout the area. The signs above were discovered in a heap along Pines Road in Lamar Township (Rote) by Karin Sunderland. She said a few days later all of her signs were stolen from Long Run Road. All of the Biden and Waltz signs in her neighborhood were removed, while the Trump and Borowicz signs in that area remain intact, she said. Another group of Democratic signs was reported found along the Jacksonville Road. And several other cases of stolen signs have been reported to state and local police. “There have been reports, but we have no suspects,” said Lock Haven Police Chief Kristin Smith. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to fill out a form at the Clinton County Crime Tip Hotline at www.clintoncountypa.com/government/district-attorney/crime-tip-form


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