Solid Waste Authority donates $19,074 to Salvation Army

MALLORIE McILWAIN/THE EXPRESS Clinton County Solid Waste Authority members presented Lock Haven Salvation Army Captain Dan Johnson with a check for $19,074, which represents proceeds from the annual golf tournament.

McELHATTAN — The Clinton County Solid Waste Authority, meeting in person Wednesday, donated $19,074 to Lock Haven Salvation Army Capt. Dan Johnson. The check represents proceeds from the authority’s annual golf tournament.

“I feel extremely blessed,” Capt. Johnson said.

“The money will be used to help fund the Salvation Army children’s program, which we are attempting to make virtual,” Johnson said.

The Solid Waste Authority holds a golf tournament each year and donates the proceeds to a local charity.

The board unanimously approved three operations committee requests to purchase landfill necessities for the fifth field, unloading and loading of recycling materials and parts for their bulldozer.

The board agreed to pay $384,222.23 to Chanango, a contractor hired for the construction of the landfill’s fifth field. Originally the construction done by Chanango was for a 1.5 acre field but the landfill needs a five acre field, landfill manager Jay Alexander explained.

“We made field five larger than they originally bid,” he said.

Additionally, the board agreed to a $79,195 quote from Groff Tractor & Equipment for a new case loader machine that will be used for the landfill’s recycling program, and approved purchae of a new undercarriagae for one of its bulldozers at a cost of $26,975.94.

The board reported that last month’s Tire Day event collected a total of 5,326 tires, making the yearly total appoximately 91,000 tires collected free of charge to local residents.

Alexander told the board he is working hard on the budget for next year and it looks “favorable, with no anticipated increases.”

Members present included Terry Weaver, Jim Lovette, Jim Russo, Fred Beury, Jim Maguire, William Kellander, Linda Leonard and Ernest Peterson.

The next Clinton County Solid Waste Authority meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 6: 30 p.m.


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