KCSD dedicates Frank ‘Jack’ Hanobic Court at Bucktail

KEVIN RAUCH/ FOR THE EXPRESS Frank “Jack” Hanobic speaks during the dedication ceremony on Sunday.

RENOVO — A small group of friends, family, co-workers and former athletes gathered at Bucktail Area High School with Frank “Jack” Hanobic on Sunday for the formal dedication of the basketball court. Frank “Jack” Hanobic Court was named in honor of the beloved sixth grade teacher, coach and athletic director.

Bucktail Principal Mike Hall led the dedication ceremony.

Hanobic retired in June of 2006 after teaching for 36 years at Renovo Elementary and has been serving the Renovo community as the assistant athletic director at the Bucktail Campus for the past 10 years. The naming of the court recognizes his work and contributions to support student success, both in the classroom and in athletics.

The honoree’s basketball accomplishments include coaching at the elementary level through high school, being a guest lecturer at basketball camps, an active PIAA basketball official, Little League basketball coach, rules Interpreter for the John C. Anderson Basketball Chapter and is an active participant for the Renovo Little League basketball program including the Dipple Dribblers program.

Hanobic is also very active in the Renovo community as the Director of the Western Clinton County Youth Center where he also volunteers on the board, and is supervisor of lifeguards at the Hyner Pool. He is also an active member of Saint Joseph’s Church in Renovo.

KEVIN RAUCH/FOR THE EXPRESS Frank “Jack” Hanobic, seated, is pictured with his family inside Bucktail Area High School’s gymnasium. The basketball court at the high school was named after Hanobic during a dedication ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

This idea of a dedication started last fall when former Bucktail High School Student-Athlete, Michael Monoski, and fellow PIAA Official, Sean Hanna approached KCSD superintendent Jacquelyn Martin about their wish to honor Hanobic. A short time thereafter, the KCSD school board unanimously approved the formal request in September and the fundraising efforts began.

Monoski said: “Jack has been very civic minded his entire career and he has always put the student athlete first. He has earned the respect of the Renovo community because of his hard work and dedication. Jack is not a full time Athletic Director on the Bucktail Campus but puts in far more than forty hours a week in this position. He is the type of individual that has to be busy and can most likely be found in the athletic director office doing work on a daily basis. Jack is just an amazing man who has dedicated himself to the student athlete and the Renovo community. Jack has always been available to make Renovo a better place and constantly places the school and community as a priority. Jack’s name displayed on the court would forever honor his legacy and remind the community of his dedication and support of others. There is no one more deserving to have a basketball court named after them than the great Jack Hanobic.”

Monoski said that he considers Jack not only his high school basketball coach, but a true friend and role model.

The plaque, Monoski said, is placed just above the very position that Jack has sat for many years, enjoying the games and making sure that they ran smoothly at the same time.

“I used to tell people if they had to talk to Jack he’d be sitting on a chair in the far left corner of the gym, eating popcorn,” Monoski said Sunday.

KEVIN RAUCH/FOR THE EXPRESS A plaque is on display in the Bucktail Area High School gymnasium which indicates the basketball court’s new name. The court was named after Renovo resident and familiar face, Jack Hanobic during a ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Monoski was brought to tears Sunday as he explained that only his parents had a bigger influence on his life than Hanobic going back to being a kid growing up on 14th Street.

When it was his turn to speak, Hanobic thanked Mike. He said that he viewed him as member of his own family.

Hanobic thanked his family as well as all of those that made the plaque and Sunday’s presentation possible. Because of Jack’s ongoing battle with cancer only his nine family members and five other total invited guests were permitted to be at the ceremony.

“Anytime someone walks into this gym they will see the plaque and know about you,” Monoski concluded.

As far as Hanna is concerned, his memories go back to playing elementary basketball in local tournaments.

“For more than 30 years, Jack has been a fixture as a referee at every tournament. When I decided to become an official in college, Jack helped me understand the game of basketball. His patience, kindness, and great sense of humor made learning fun. As an educator, these are all qualities that I strive to include in my own teaching. This plaque will forever honor Jack’s legacy and remind the community of his dedication and support of others,” Hanna said.

The plaque was provided through the generosity of the following donors — Tyler and Rachel Barth, Craig Conti, Phil English, Melinda Fenton, Jeff and Colleen Fisher, Dan Gales, Brian and Carly Conti Hanna, Joe and Jen Hanna, JP and Susan Hanna, Sean and Molly Hanna, Albert Jones, Jim Morgan, Craig and Diane Miller, Eugene and Catherine Monoski, Mike and Vicki Monoski, Brent Petrosky, Mike and Barb Rendos, State College Basketball Officials Chapter, Tony’s Hardware, Jerry and Collette Zollars.

Brownie Signs made the plaque.

(Kevin Rauch contributed to this report).


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