Western Clinton Sportman’s Assoc. releases trout, receives new HVAC unit

KEVIN RAUCH/THE EXPRESS Ethan Kling, Pat Neffs and Ian Heocher of Complete Climate Control of Lock Haven are seen completing the installation of a new condenser to provide central air conditioning to the Western Clinton Sportsmen’s Association facility in Hyner. The funding for the HVAC upgrade was made possible by a grant from the Clinton County Community Foundation.

HYNER — It was a busy week for the Western Clinton Sportsman’s Association as the non-profit group had an HVAC unit put into their complex in Hyner, just two days before they stocked 10,000 trout into area streams to help supplement waters with fish in preparation for this Saturday’s opening day of trout season.

This past Saturday also served as a one day chance for young anglers to participate in the mentored youth program in which the PA Fish and Boat Commission allowed those ages 16 and under have a day to try and catch trout a week before it opens up to all state-wide.

The five ton air-conditioning unit was installed by Complete Climate Control of Lock Haven and was able to become a reality thanks to the Clinton County Community Foundation. With being non-profit, the ability to have installed such a climate control device filled the WSCA with gratitude as the likelihood of ever having such a luxury without a grant would be a long shot at best.

The officers of the WCSA continually praised the CCCF and local representative Denny Trout and the professionalism of Complete Climate Control throughout the process, saying that they cannot thank them enough.

The sprawling grounds in Hyner based around the complex sit next to a massive pavilion and a ton of open space. The grounds and complex are available for rent for just about any activity such as weddings/receptions, baby showers, bridal showers and parties.

KEVIN RAUCH/THE EXPRESS A net full of trout is pictured above.

The site plays host yearly to the Hyner Challenge, Little Loggers, eastern survival skills weekend, prowl the Sproul, PA skills and a Boy Scout weekend. The ability to have a cool environment will undoubtedly make all events in the future that much more of a pleasant memory for all that attend events in Hyner.

Anyone wishing for information on renting the complex can do so by emailing wcsalavelle@gmail.com

Two days after having the HVAC installed the members of the WCSA were at their nursery along Young Women’s Creek to oversee the stocking of 10,000 trout into area creeks.

Starting before day break the trout — which have thrived thanks to daily attention from the WCSA members — were loaded onto trucks in large tanks and taken to waters to help anxious and lucky anglers have more luck not only on opening day but all season long.

In addition to WCSA officers, volunteers take the trout to designated locations throughout western Clinton County. The trout range in all sizes but even among the thousands of squirming fish that are netted and weighed before leaving the nursery, the lunkers, particularly the Golden Trout which can measure up to two feet long, cause excitement for the youth to see heading to streams and highly improving the odd of catching a fish on opening day.

KEVIN RAUCH/THE EXPRESS Approximately 10,000 trout were sent to area creeks on behalf of the Western Clinton Sportsman’s Association Saturday morning helping to supplement area waters in preparation for this year’s fishing season. The fish are netted, weighed and then transported to streams after leaving the Laurelly Nursery where the trout have been raised to be ready to eat and fished for by anglers throughout the season.


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