Renovo Elementary participates in family-engaging reading program, raises money for SPCA

PHOTO PROVIDED The Renovo Elementary school recently participated in the family-engaging reading program, “One Book, One School.” Title 1 sponsored this whole-school initiative by purchasing every student and staff member in grades K-4 the same book, The Lemonade War. Following a lemonade sale inspired by the book the students raised and donated $211.50 to the Clinton County SPCA.

RENOVO — ‘One Book, One School’ is a unique program that children from kindergarten to 4th grade at the Renovo Elementary School recently participated in. The family-engaging activity asks those students in each grade to listen or read the same book. The program provides an opportunity to build a community of readers. It is also fun and engaging while providing families the opportunity to be active participants in better preparing their children to be effective readers.

Liberty Curtain interventionist, Amber Brungard, first introduced this unique program to the Keystone Central School District. The Renovo interventionist team made up of Rachel Casper, De Anna Poorman and Lisa Lucas were thrilled to implement this family-engagement reading activity at Renovo Elementary.

Title 1 sponsored this whole-school initiative by purchasing every student and staff member in grades K-4 the same book, ‘The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies and a calendar of a reading schedule. This way everyone was reading the same chapters at the same time. The purpose of this was to provide multiple opportunities for staff members and students to have discussions about the text.

The Renovo interventionist team created weekly reading challenges for students and their families to complete. Students who participated were entered into weekly drawings earning a book of their choice and other fun prizes.

“Our last challenge at Renovo Elementary was to have a lemonade sale using the traveling lemonade stand that Brungard and her husband built to accompany the book,” explained Casper of the program.

Students voted for the sibling of their choice, Jessie or Evan, by purchasing a cup of lemonade and lemon cookies. Just like the character, Jessie wanted to donate her money to an animal shelter. The school is donating all money raised to the Clinton County SPCA. Overall the project raised $211.50.


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