Breaking records

JS soldier wins top honors in Army Combat Physical Fitness

JERSEY SHORE — Logan Engel, of Jersey Shore, won Noncommissioned Officer of the year for the United States Army. Engel competed in a three-day-long competition against the top 15 soldiers in Fort Bragg, N.C. recently.

For the second time this year, Engel broke records during the Army Combat Physical Fitness test, being one of eight in the history of the army to max out the score.

Similar to his previous competition in Fort Carson, Colorado, Engel competed in multiple ruck distances, the Army Combat Fitness Test, marksmanship test, mystery event scenarios, land navigation, and oral board evaluation.

In addition, Engel also competed in a written essay, obstacle course, fighting circle (like wrestling) and a media event.

“It was a little bit more intense,” explained Engel.

In order to push participants to the limit, coordinators of the competition limited the amount of food and sleep they could have.

“We had 2 hours to sleep at night and 2 MRE meals a day.” said Engel.

Engel explained that after his first big win earlier this year, he intensified his daily training — running up to 70 miles a week, and doing 2-3 rucks per week.

“My company was really supportive. …They helped me study and everything. …It was worth it in the end, to come home with a win.”

In addition to the honor of winning NCO of the year, Engel also won an Army Commendation Medal and Army school of choice for future education.


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