Recycling finds a home

Ordinances discussed at Renovo Council

RENOVO — When the Renovo Borough Council moved their recycling bins for the fourth time, the last two of which relating to neighbors complaints, many in the community expressed their displeasure in the decision. Fortunately for the residents as well as council, Jim Dremel of North Bend has approached council offering the use of his land at the western end of Renovo and things are moving towards making that a reality.

Dremel owns property on the western side of Dollar General and offered his land with some conditions — notably the installation of security cameras. Council has already been installing cameras in the community, including in their office building, and unanimously agreed to proceed with Dremel’s offer.

Barring any unforeseen roadblocks, the Wayne Township recycling center should soon be at its fifth — and hopefully to all involved — final location in the borough.

Doug Wolma, president of Clarience Technologies — the parent company of Truck-Lite — was at the meeting to ask council for their recommendations on helping to get people from western Clinton County interested in jobs.

Wolma explained that the McElhattan location needs to fill about 100 positions of several different choices of hours and shifts. The company has tried several incentives to get people hired including moving benefits to employees after just 31 days and a $2,500 signing bonus to those that stay for at least six months.

Council and Wolma came up with several ideas including some type of future job fair-style introduction to Truck-Lite as well as a mass mailing and use of local social media groups. The company is also considering offering some type of shuttle service from Renovo to McElhattan for potential employees.

At the request of council member Pattie Rauch, she was given permission to get a council ordinance group together to try once again to get more bite into their fines for unkempt properties in the borough. Council adopted the Quality of Life ordinance a couple of years ago, but Rauch and council member Rhonda Balchun feel it does little to make repeated offenders pay.

Speaking of the Quality of Life ordinance, Balchun stated, “it allows the people the benefit of the doubt and they are taking advantage.” Stiffer ordinance violations will be visited immediately as the group is selected.

Along the same lines Rauch and Balchun said that council needs stronger firework ordinances. They will likely begin the discussions limiting fireworks to be permitted only on July 4 (or whichever day the holiday is observed) with a strong cut off time of 11 p.m.

Council exchanged numerous stories about what went wrong this past year including fireworks being shot off well into the early morning hours in East Renovo, and the former Family Dollar parking lot being completely littered from where a gathering shot off fireworks and left all of the trash/spent fireworks behind.

In the mayor’s report, Tommy Tarantella announced that a settlement payment has been made to now former officer Mike Jeffries, noting that lawyers on both sides have been made aware. Jeffries will be keeping K9 officer Jordan who is to be retired per agreement.


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