Bellefonte’s rink closed temporarily

PHOTO PROVIDED The Rink at Talleyrand has closed temporarily. It will be repaired and re-surfaced this weekend. A ribbon-cutting at The Rink is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 25.

BELLEFONTE — Put the skates away, at least for a day or two.

According to a post on Bellefonte.com, The Rink at Talleyrand Park will be closed for the next few days. The website offered this explanation: “The rink is temporarily closed so that more water can be added and repairs can be made to the liner. Based on the time for the water to refreeze, the ice will be resurfaced on Sunday or Monday.”

However, one of the businessmen who came up with the idea for an ice skating rink at Talleyrand Park said late Friday afternoon that it might open up Sunday.

“We might be opening it up on Sunday. The borough is filling up the rink again to cover some areas where the ice has built up. These little icebergs are the result of deeper layers of ice that rise to the top. Once that new layer is frozen, our landscape sponsor, Kelleher Landscape, will then resurface the ice. It may be ready on Sunday but the goal is to make sure we’re in a good place for the official opening with the ribbon cutting on Tuesday,” Mark Dello Stritto said.

The opening of the rink was delayed due to unseasonably warm temperatures in central Pennsylvania during the month of December. However, the rink opened once the water was put in and froze over.

The website asked that “all skaters be mindful about its conditions and signage.”

“We know you’re eager to skate, but when the rink is not skateable, it can be damaged which leads to closing it for repairs. And, if the liner continues to get damaged, the rink will have to close early for the season,” the release said.

Those who operate the rink asked that skaters follow these rules:

— If the temporarily closed sign is set at the entry platform, the rink is closed. Please do not get into the rink with skates or shoes when the sign is posted.

— If there is a lot of snow on top of the ice, please do not skate.

— If there are puddles on top of the ice, or it is visibly slushy, please do not skate. While it may look solid underneath, it probably is not. A few skaters took to slushy ice and fell through, damaging the liner. Damages lead to closing for repairs and re-filling.

— Use your best judgment when you arrive. Even if the closed sign is not posted, check the ice for the conditions mentioned here — snow, slush, puddles.

Finally, those operating the rink had a message for those using the facility.

“The goal for the rink is to serve the community and we must all work together to make sure it can be open for us as often and as long as possible. Please follow signage if the rink is temporarily close and otherwise be mindful of conditions before skating. We’re working through the first year challenges and learning a lot as we go. We appreciate your patience and your best judgment this season so that as many people as possible can enjoy this new resource.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 25.


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