MH Police: Investigation into credit card theft continues

MACKEYVILLE — Two individuals were responsible for making off with thousands in credit card information at Belle Springs Golf Course.

According to Mill Hall Police Chief Brandon Coleman, two individuals arrived at the golf course in a Mercedes Benz, all dressed up in “nice” golf attire. By the time the two left, the theft was committed.

“By the time they were gone, they made off with multiple credit cards from patrons, running up thousands of dollars,” Coleman said.

Mill Hall Police started investigating the golf course once they received a report of the incident. To the point where they are now in the investigation, Coleman said they are involved in a multi-state investigation ranging anywhere from New York to New Jersey, different places in Pennsylvania as well as the last place the suspects hit — Michigan.

One of the suspects has been identified by survelliane footage at the golf course.

“We were able to identify one of the individuals. We’ve got a good enough camera from the golf course that we were able to use face recognition. Actually next week, we will be completing the process to get a warrant for the individual to put out,” Coleman said.

Mill Hall Police Department is working with other police agencies to deal with the ongoing investigation, he added.

Clinton County’s Sheriff Kerry Stover urges the public to be mindful of their sensitive information in cases like this and make sure you know who you’re talking to, who you know and verify the information, or it could be a scammer.

Make sure to keep belongings, wallets, purses and personal identifications close, he said.


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