Pretty… and tasty too

Ernestine Hamilton of Long Run Road, Mill Hall, submitted this photograph of Burgamot Tea, also known as beabalm, growing on the property where she and her husband, John, live, just across the street from the Old School Market in Salona. Ernestine said a friend gave her a handful of the plant with roots in 1987 and she planted it the next year. “It just keeps getting bigger and bigger,” she said of the plant with bright pink flowers that resemble daisies. “It’s really pretty… and we don’t have to cut the grass,” she said with a smile. Ernestine said the plant dies off every year and comes back up bigger the next summer. The hummingbirds and bumble bees love them, she said. “We use the leaves… put them in hot tea as a flavoring,” she said.



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