Clinton County Civil and Criminal Court of Common Pleas Schedule for May 13-17

LOCK HAVEN — The following schedule is provided by the Clinton County Court of Common Pleas and is subject to change depending on the needs of the court system. Juvenile criminal procedures are generally closed to the public and aren’t listed. Domestic Relations hearings are also restricted, and aren’t listed.



CR denotes criminal procedures, CV civil procedures.

Names listed first are the names of the defendants, and names near the end of each designation with the “/” between are the last names of the attorneys involved in the cases.

CPM is for hearings before Judge Craig Miller. MFS stands for Judge Michael Salisbury. JMW is Judge J. Michael Williamson. DA stands for District Attorney, and PD for public defender.

ARD is a first-offender probation program. Revo stands for revocation hearings of different types. PWV is probation without verdict.


May 13, 2019

8:30 a.m.

CPM-Justin Lee Brennan, CR, Further Hearing, DA/Lindsay

MFS-Carmen M. Arroyo, CR, CIP Revo., DA/Johnson (James)

MFS-Jennifer Lynn Cashner, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Ryan (Larisha)

CPM-Domonick Michael Pacheco, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Johnson (Katie)

MFS-Karen Renae Mace, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Johnson (Katie)

MFS-Michael Dylan Dennison, CR, Parole/Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson (James)

MFS-Crystal L. Heaton, CR, Status Conf., DA/Ryan (Arraignment to all #s scheduled for 5/20/19)

CPM-Kaitlin Buoni, CR, Sentencing, DA/Lindsay

MFS-Kole Allen Barner, CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson (James)

MFS-Saprina Danielle Losch, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Johnson (Brian)

CPM-John Franklin Christ, CR, CIP Revo., DA/Lindsay

CPM-Grant Mason Garrow, CR, CIP Revo., DA/Lindsay (Collin)

MFS-Eric Rhoads, CR, Sentencing, DA/Ryan

CPM-Cameron Charles Motter, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Ryan (James)

CPM-Dwayne Robert Johnson, CR, CIP Revo., DA/Ryan (Collin)

CPM-Brooke Lindsey Dickey, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Ryan (Katie)

MFS-Christopher Anthony Mincer, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Lindsay (Larisha)

CPM-Heidi Ann White, CR, Resentencing, DA/Johnson

CPM-Andrea Nicole Jordan, CR, Restitution, DA/Johnson

CPM-Toby John Kuykendall, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Johnson (Jordan)

MFS-Timothy Michael Yost, CR, Further Hearing, DA/Lindsay (Brian)

MFS-Richard Wayne Davis, Jr., CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson (James)

CPM-Tyler Charles Bennett, CR, CIP Revo., DA/Ryan (James)

MFS-Jamie Marie Shortledge, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Johnson (Alexa)

MFS-William T. Bennett, CR, Further Hearing, DA/Johnson (Katie)

CPM-Justin Michael Hastings, CR, ARD Revo., DA/George Lepley, Jr. (Larisha)

CPM-Staci Nichole Wyland, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Johnson (Hunter)

MFS-Kristin M. Burgard, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Lindsay

CPM-Kevin Lee Connelley, Sr., CR, Sentencing, DA/Ryan

CPM/MFS-Criminal Court

10:30 a.m.

MFS-Richard S. Gee, CR, Gagnon II, DA/Ryan 11 a.m.

MFS-Dycoda James Dauberman, CR, Gagnon II, DA/Johnson

1:30 p.m.

MFS-Joseph Alfred Ruszkai, Jr., CR, Sentencing, DA/Lindsay

MFS-Colton David Morlock, CR, Resentencing, DA/Kyle W. Rude

CPM-Nelson Orlando Gomez, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Johnson

CPM-Robert Eugene Kennedy, CR, Status Conf., DA/Johnson

CPM-Samuel Aaron Seid, CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson (Larisha)

CPM-Sabrina Alysse Caris, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Clarence Paul Taylor, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Joseph Lee Roper, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Alycia Autumn Rose, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Yuan Bin Tan, CR, Contempt, DA/

CPM-Kaya Kamonie Harvey, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-John Mitchell Poorman, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Thomas Riley, Jr., CR, Contempt, Philip McCarthy, AG’s Office/DA/Johnson

CPM-Jessica Lynn Taylor, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Shawn Kenneth Litz, CR, Contempt, DA/None

CPM-Clarence Roy Tate, Jr., CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Brian Keith Andrus, Sr., CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Abigail Leigh Shade, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Rusty Allen Banks, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-James Patrick Baney, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Shawn Paul Mills, CR, Contempt, DA/

CPM-Richard Lee Herman, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Joseph Watkins, 3 CR, Contempt, DA/None

CPM-Joseph P. Mailley, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-William David Mader, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Isaiah Jerome Baker, Jr., CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Damien Christopher Major, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Joseph Walter Bartles, 7 CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Moses Velasquez, CR, Contempt, DA/Miceli

CPM-Russell Scott Bailey, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Robert Eugene Confer, Jr., CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Stacey Snavely, CR, Contempt, Dennis A. Kistler, AG’s Office/Johnson

CPM-Horace Lee Staton, Jr., CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Michael Alan Nestlerode, Jr., Contempt, DA/

CPM-David Gary McFadden, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Tyler Robert Breon, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Timothy Edward Cole, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Shannon Marie Schenck, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Brandon Ray-Lamont Vuocolo, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Zhaire Dayshawn Lee, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Chelcie Elizabeth Styers, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

MFS-Tyriq Chris Tucker Dorman, CR, Gagnon II, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Contempt Cases w/Paul Ryan

MFS-Charles Lee Goodling, CR, PFA Violation, DA/Johnson

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

8:30 a.m.

Central Court, 3rd flr. hrg. rm. w/DA & PDs


MFS-Improving Access to Justice-Webinar

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

8 a.m.

CPM/MFS-meeting RE: Prison policies, Strouse/Angelelli/Hoover/Lindsay/Ryan/Johnson (by telephone)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

8:15 a.m.

CPM & DMP-Board of Elections, Temporary Appointments and Appointment of Recount Board

8:30 a.m.

Domestic relations cases

Friday, May 17, 2019

8:30 a.m.

Judge Grine, Specially Presiding-Jeremy Michael Baney, CR, Restitution/PCRA, Christopher J. Schmidt/Rocco Rosamilia


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