Courthouse Roundup


– Bethany J. Bates, of Lock Haven, to Anthony P. Wagner, of Lock Haven, on May 16.

– Dylan Joseph Evers, of Lock Haven, to Emily Kay Vuocolo, of Lock Haven, on May 20.

– Tanner Alan Martin, of Mechanicsburg, to Camryn Elizabeth Pealer, of Mechanicsburg, on May 17.

– Heather Robinson, of Mill Hall, to Jon Andrew Robb, of Lock Haven, on May 21.


No divorces were recorded.


– Paul E. and Dianne L. Bower to Anthony J. Cox for $154,000, property in Avis.

– Glenn H. and Sandra K. McConnell to Steve J. and Nina T. Allen for $228,000, property in Avis.

– Michael J. and Billy Lee Walker to Kelly M. Walker for $52,000, property in Flemington.

– Joan S. Allen to Mark S., Alma J., John N. and Agnes M. Kline for $80,000, property in Leidy Township.

– M&T Bank and Eric Taylor to Amos Glick for $25,000, property in Castanea Township.

– Edward T. Zeisz to Brice S. Cannon for $5,500, property in Renovo.

– Michael S. and Pamela D. Porter to Joshua T. and Samantha R. Tatham for $65,000, property in Lock Haven.

– Melinda M. Lewis to Alexander J. and Angela M. Rauch for $5,000, property in Chapman Township.

– C&B Rental Properties LLC and Curtis R. and Becky J. Barner to Duance Asa and Terri Jean O’Black for $157,500, property in Lock Haven.

– Tammy M. and Curtis G. Lannan and Tammy M. Shultz to Shaun R. and Rebecca J. Sanford for $126,000, property in Flemington.

– Sherry K. and Carla H. Clouser to Tammy M. and Curtis G. Lannan for $159,900, property in Logan Township.

– John W. Jr., Scott H., Beth E., Donald A. and Tammy Rupert to Richard Pelton Jr. for $20,000, property in Beech Creek Township.


– 105 Dog licenses

– 32 Boat transactions

– 1 Small games of chance