Courthouse Roundup



∫ Andrew William Batschelet, of Lock Haven, to Chad Ryan Guiswite, of Lock Haven, on June 14.

∫ Philip Michael Brinker, of Lock Haven, to Laura Mae Fisher, of Linden, on June 17.

∫ Jeffrey Thomas Feerrar, of Jersey Shore, to Jaime Rae Karichner, of Jersey Shore, on June 13.


No divorces were recorded.



∫ Thomas M. Sweitzer and Tam Heckel to Steven A. and Kathryn A. Condo for $65,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ Benuel K. and Susie S. Stoltzfus to Levi G. and Annie E. Stoltzfus for $970,000, property in Greene Township.

∫ Timberwood Properties LLC, Amos L. Ebersol and Gregory S. Sweigart to Norman J. Stoltzfus for $105,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ Amy C. Shoemaker and Michael H. Askey to Masaki J. Simcox for $141,000, property in Mill Hall.

∫ Lana K. Sachetti, Rita E. Clark and Charles P. Kuntz to Michael Askey and Amy C. Shoemaker for $123,500, property in Beech Creek.

∫ Scott C. and Jaime L. Frazier to Bradley Scott and Kathryn Kelley Myers for $215,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

∫ Seth H. and Amber L. Bird to Steven L. and Barbara A. Temple for $186,500, property in Pine Creek Township.

∫ Barbara Barner and Jean Duck to Elizabeth M. Pyfer and Elizabeth M. Rachau for $84,000, property in Flemington.

∫ Bradley J. and Meredith L. Batterson to Andrew David and Laura Leigh Sproat for $178,000, property in Porter Township.

∫ Mary C. Wise to Jeremy L. Munro for $65,000, property in Woodward Township.

∫ David Leon and Kathy Jo Rehm to Andrew R. and Alissa Burns for $22,500, property in Leidy Township.


∫ 56 Boat transactions

∫ 3 Small games of chance

∫ 40 Dog licenses


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