Courthouse Roundup


∫ Patricia Ann Barth, of Avis, to Jordan Allan Miller, of Avis, on April 15.

∫ Gerald L. Bates Jr., of Lock Haven, to Rhonda D. Shirk, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 20.

∫ Sarah B. Berfield, of Mill Hall, to Bradley S. Myers, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 15.

∫ Zachary E. Driver, of Jersey Shore, to Kristin A. Fournier, of Jersey Shore, on Aug. 14.

∫ Steven Karl Kennedy Jr., of Loganton, to Danielle E. Showan, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 20.

∫ Brittany Elizabeth Kunes, of Beech Creek, to Carl Allen Merrill Jr., of Beech Creek, on Aug. 15.

∫ Navara Marie Reynolds, of Mill Hall, to Travis Allen Seyler, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 20.

∫ Megan C. Scott, of Sinking Spring, Pa., to Jonathan T. Nally, of Sinking Spring, Pa., on Aug. 15.


∫ Justine M. and Seth R. Shady on Aug. 14.

∫ Sarah Buttorff-Smith and Timothy Smith on Aug. 15.

∫ Jason and Kristen Trent on Aug. 15.

∫ Krystal L. and Paul M. Lupole on Aug. 14.


∫ Dennis J. and Elizabeth J. Jefferies and Steven C. and Donna K. Gowman to Steven C. Gowman for $100,000, property in Leidy Township.

∫ Shirley D. Heichel to Thomas and Sherry Hatch for $15,000, property in West Keating Township.

∫ Kenneth E. and Nanette K. Bixel to Richard L. Jameson for $50,000, property in Greene Township.

∫ Joseph A. and Angela C. Reel to Rebecca D. Ward for $115,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ Jamie C. Kelly to Michael S. and Elizabeth A. Seyler for $130,000, property in Beech Creek Borough.

∫ Lynn V. Hakin to Lynn V. Hakin III and Serita Zimmerman for $85,000, property in Mill Hall.

∫ Erin E. and Colby J. Welshans to Christopher J. Steinbacher and Kira L. Rockey for $189,000, property in Woodward Township.

∫ Billy J. and Misty M. Dion to Terry W. and Jessica M. Neff Jr. for $180,000, property in Woodward Township.


∫ 7,702 democrats

∫ 10,066 republicans

∫ 25 green

∫ 92 libertarian

∫ 2,516 other

∫ 20,401 total voters


∫ 2 democrats

∫ 3 republicans

∫ 2 no affiliation

∫ 6 party changes

∫ 23 address changes