Courthouse Roundup


∫ Tammy Mae Beck, of Trout Run, to Brian Vance Reighard, of Trout Run, on Aug. 27.

∫ Tobilyn Joy Bingaman, of Lamar, to Mervin Lee Stoltzfus, of Lamar, on Aug. 26.

∫ Howard J. Douty, of Jersey Shore, to Barbara L. Gleckner, of Jersey Shore, on Aug. 23.

∫ McKayla M. Johnson-Tome, of Jersey Shore, to Sean Michael L. Thomas, of Jersey Shore, on Aug. 22.


∫ Jessica Lynne and Michael Allen Dutrow on Aug. 26.


∫ Charles J. Hampton and Sullivan Family Revocable Real Estate Trust to Fabre M. Sanders and Lawrence R. Miller for $132,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ James M. and Harriet Brantley to Colby J. and Erin E. Welshans for $295,000, property in Wayne Township.

∫ Vickie G. Starr to Raymond L. III and Kari L. Zuback and Donald A. and Joyce J. Breon for $30,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

∫ Terry W. Jr. and Jessica M. Neff to Zachary and Kendra Smith for $148,000, property in Castanea Township.

∫ Gary D. and Rebecca J. Mellott to Darryl L. Crable for $140,000, property in Leidy Township.

∫ Dianne S. Keister and Snook Family Irrevocable Grantor Trust to KMN Real Estate LLC for $1,062,500, property in Greene Township.

∫ Sandra J. Yost to John J. Fletch Jr. for $190,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

∫ Ronald L., Leroy W. and Gladys M. Peters to E&C Properties LLC for $30,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ Roger and Beverly J. Honshiko to Justin Yatchik for $128,000, property in Lock Haven.

∫ Frederick R. Vonada and Frederick R. Vonada and Miriam H. Revocable Living Trust to Duane A. and Heather C. Karstetter for $10,000, property in Logan Township.

∫ Sharon J. Culvey and Richard G. Seyler to Joshua D. Corbett and Haley R. Marsh for $154,600, property in Mill Hall.

∫ Gerald E. and Donna M. Stout to Anthony M. and Jamie M. Tarantella for $20,000, property in Noyes Township.


∫ 44 Boat licenses

∫ 42 Dog licenses

∫ 7 Small games of chance


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