Sentencings in Clinton County

LOCK HAVEN — The information in Courthouse Roundup is obtained from public records. It is policy of The Express that this information will not be withheld from publication.

— Staci Nicole Wyland, charged with theft by unlawful taking, placed on probation for two years.

— Johnathan Emerson Dunkle, charged with resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $250 and placed on probation for 12 months.

— Tanner James Eisley, charged with stalking and possession of drug paraphernalia, placed on probation for six years.

— Scott A. Young, charged with smell/inhale toxic substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and retail theft, pay $822.85 in restitution, placed on probation for three years.

— Leslie Nicole Mosser, charged with driving under the influence-second offense, fined $1,500 and placed in the intermediate punishment program for 24 months.

— Matthew James Nihart, charged with retail theft, fined $500, submit DNA sample and pay $250 fee and placed on probation for 24 months.

— John Arthur Caldwell, Jr., charged with driving while operating privileges are suspended and theft by unlawful taking, fined $700, pay $33.80 in restitution and spend four to 24 months in county prison.

— Zamir Alonzo Nole, charged with delivery of a controlled substance, spend 11 and a half to 23 months in county prison and submit DNA sample and pay $250 fee.


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