Courthouse Roundup


— Joshua L. Bucheit, of Lock Haven, to Katelyn N. Leathers, of Lock Haven, on June 17.

— Dennis James Gavlock, of Mill Hall, to Vickie Marie Lomison, of Mill Hall, on June 17.

— Kyle Thomas Ream, of Beech Creek, to Katelyn Renee Hendershot, of Beech Creek, on June 17.


— Katherine Pettit and Timothy Robertson on June 10.

— Jaime R. and Kyle Corson on June 11.

— Sarah F. and Eric D. Stockton on June 11.


— Grace O’Donnell and Donna Yoxheimer to Wendy and Anthony V. Cavale for $135,000, property in Castanea Township.

— Jay S. and Nicole Rall Miller to Kyle and Brittany Temons for $133,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Randy L. and Thelma L. Hunter to Peiffer Construction Inc. for $40,000, property in Pine Creek Township.

— Beatrice A., Conrad E. and Anita Schrader to Samuel S. Stoltsfuz for $20,000, property in Porter Township.

— William D. and Regina C. Carter to Roger M. and Diane N. Stauffer for $119,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

— Richard L. and Cheryl L. Starr to Chad M. Starr for $150,875, property in Crawford Township.

— Kathy Jean Insel and William Barry Brown to Kenneth J. Sr. and Valerie McClain Simone for $205,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Julie M. Overgord to Richard E. Parker and Brenda K. Savrock for $30,000, property in Renovo.

— Merritt E. and Barbara B. McKnight to Robert T. and Kira L. Rosamilia for $265,000, property in Lock Haven.


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