Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


— John E. Bradley, of Lock Haven, to Michelle L. Hennessy, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 16.

— Rochelle Fairish, of Lock Haven, to Zachary Madden Flasher, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 21.


— Alvina Teo Yun Rong and William J. Shultz on Sept. 17.


— Alan D. and Audrey L. Bowman to Tina M. and Robert Serafin for $60,000, property in Wayne Township.

— David L. and Keriann Allen to Thomas B. Allen III for $6,000, property in Colebrook Township.

— Perry L. and Darlene C. Moyer to Aaron and Nicole Yohn for $245,000, property in Greene Township.

— Jack L. and Randi J. Cardamone to Robert C. Smith Jr. for $280,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

— Danielle D. Miller and Donald J. Barnard to Steven W. and Sandra J. Miller for $220,000, property in Greene Township.

— Todd A. and Tay White to Trent C. and Jordan M. Risley for $279,900, property in Beech Creek Township.

— Blue Moon Lodge Inc., Donald Kenneth Hatt, Robert V. Trupp and Randy C. Stickler to William P. De Stefano for $81,000, property in Beech Creek Township.

— Dora Asmussen and Nannette Smith to Cathy J. Perry for $15,000, property in Renovo.

— Betty B. Schantz and William Adams to Laurie S. Stephenson and David Oberdorff for $90,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Stephen Jr. and Ruth Ann Allgyer to Paul S. and Susie F. Stoltzfus for $875,000, property in Lamar Township.

— Jaime L. Strunk to Frances G. and Kenneth R. Dershem for $87,000, property in Mill Hall.

— Kenneth R. and Frances G. Dershem to Matthieu and Naomi M. Deneffe for $145,000, property in Allison Township.

— John E. and Mellanie A. Boone to Duane L. and Patricia A. Bechdel for $600,000, property in Woodward Township.

— Jeremiah E. and Karen L. Thomas to Donald K. Huffman Sr. for $133,000, property in Loganton.

— Wag-Myr Woodlands Inc. and Jon D. Bastian to Ricky D. Fuller for $55,000, property in Greene Township.

— Sondra L. Sheasley and Nancy Lee Martin Estate to Caleb Jay Martin for $22,000, property in Chapman Township.

— Heather Doherty to Troy D. and Amanda J. Bentley for $102,000, property in Castanea Township.

— Elam K. and Mary S. Fisher to Erbie S. and Mary B. Stoltzfus for $300,000, property in Logan Township.


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