Avis man charged with indecent assault on women

Eric King

AVIS — An Avis man is jailed on $85,000 bail, charged with having indecent contact with several women in the Avis- Pine Creek Township area in the last two months.

Eric Montague King, 44, of 110 Lafayette Street, Avis, was arrested by Pine Creek Township Police on Tuesday, Nov. 10, and arraigned before District Judge John Maggs on three counts of indecent assault, three counts of harassment and one count of stalking.

A warrant for King’s arrest was obtained after three women reported to Pine Creek Township police that King had indecent contact with them.

According to the criminal complaint:

The first incident occurred on Sept. 5 when a 36-year-old woman reported a black male came up from behind her, placed his arms around her and grabbed her breasts and would not let go. She said he had three dogs with him and when the dogs began barking, he let go.

On Sept. 9, the woman saw the same man with his dogs again and immediately called police. Pine Creek Township Police Officer Dennis Gill responded and spoke to the black male who identified himself as Eric King of 110 Lafayette St., Avis. He denied any incidents of touching anyone.

On Sept. 23, another woman, 66 years of age, told Officer Gill that she was walking her dog in Avis borough and a black male was walking his dogs in the same area. She said she petted his dogs and they exchanged names and he identified himself as Eric King and said he lived on Lafayette Street. She said King asked her if he could join her walking the dogs and she agreed.

She said King started saying how sexy he thought she was and she told him she didn’t want to hear talk like that. King went on to tell her all the things he could do to her sexually to make her feel good. She said she was going home and he continued to follow her so she just walked the streets so he wouldn’t know where she lived. King continued to talk lewd words to her.

She said they walked by a park and King wanted to sit on a picnic bench and when she sat down he put his arm around her and grabbed her right breast and buttocks and wanted to kiss her. She said no and to stop. King then leaned over and kissed her left neck. She started to get up but King didn’t want her to leave so she put her dog between them, but King continued talking about sex and how he liked older women. King then began masturbating and stopped when she again tried to leave.

She said King went behind a fence, saying he had to pee.

The third report came on Nov. 4, from an 80-year-old woman who was leaving the Dollar General Store in Pine Creek Township when King followed her out of the store and asked if he could help her put her items in her car.

The man assisted in putting the items in her car and then asked her two times if he could just sit in her vehicle for five minutes.The woman told him no and the man then leaned in and hugged her and in doing so he placed his hand between her legs and she pushed him away. She got into her car and left.

On Nov. 10, Officer Gill went to the Dollar General Store and viewed the video surveillance camera system and observed this black male following the woman out of the store and identified him as Eric King.

The police department is asking anyone who feels they are a victim or have had similar incidents happen to contact the Pine Creek Township Police Department at 570-753-5672.


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