Clinton County Civil and Criminal Court of Common Pleas Schedule Nov. 16-20

LOCK HAVEN — The following schedule is provided by the Clinton County Court of Common Pleas and is subject to change depending on the needs of the court system. Juvenile criminal procedures are generally closed to the public and aren’t listed. Domestic Relations hearings are also restricted, and aren’t listed.



CR denotes criminal procedures, CV civil procedures.

Names listed first are the names of the defendants, and names near the end of each designation with the “/” between are the last names of the attorneys involved in the cases.

CPM is for hearings before Judge Craig Miller. MFS is for hearings before Judge Michael Salisbury. DA stands for District Attorney, and PD for public defender. ARD is a first-offender probation program. Revo stands for revocation hearings of different types. PWV is probation without verdict.

Monday, Nov. 16

8:30 a.m.

CPM-Lionel Daryl Jones,CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson

MFS-Christopher Michael Weaver, CR, Pleas, DA/Lindsay/Johnson (Scheduled 1/4/21)

MFS-Albert Thomas Loch, CR, Parole Revo., DA/Ryan

MFS-Ryan Daniel Meredith, CR, ARD Revo., DA/Lindsay (Larisha)

MFS-Joseph William Doire, CR, Sentencing, DA/Johnson

MFS-Ramiq Allen-Bagby, CR, Arraignment, DA/to retain Gregory Davidson ( IN PERSON


MFS-Brent Michael Adrian, CR-Revocation CR-Arraignment, DA/Johnson

MFS-James Anthony Warner, CR-PFA Violation CR-Prob. Revos., DA/Lindsay (IN PERSON PROCEEDING-to be transported if incarcerated)

MFS-Donald Eugene Fisher, Jr., CR, Resentencing, DA/Johnson

MFS-Robert Russell Gillin, CR, Further Hrg., DA/Johnson (#24-20 CR)

CPM-Joseph William Fye, CR, Sentencing, DA/Ryan

CPM-Bonna June Ward, CR, Restitution, DA/Johnson

3 p.m.

CPM-Brian Jeffrey Verne,CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Angelia Raven Tucker, CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Shaun Jason Wadsworth, CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Khalil Lamar Walker, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Jaermel Wilson CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Justin Scott Wilson, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Joseph Anthony Woosley,CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Mark Anthony Brickley, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Shawn Andrew Zonge, CR/MD-917-05, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Gavin Robert Rafter, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Zachariah Benjamin Cross,CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Starla Tranene Abell, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Terry Eugene Yednak, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Zeppelin Joshua Zeigler, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Sharon Lee Cooper, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Joseph Walter Bartles, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Jordan Alan Yeich, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Maria Elizabeth Eisenhower, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Shannia Dawn Cook, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Patrick E. Wright, CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Rusty Allen Banks, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Jyhad Tkib Drayton, CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Kayla M. Colorado, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-John David Beam, Jr.,CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Ida Mae Chappell, CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Isaiah Jerome Baker, Jr., CR, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Brock Winston Breon, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Chelsea Lee Abbott,CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Dalvin Rosean Williams, CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-John Wayne Butler, Jr. ,CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Adam Lloyd Young, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Bradley Paul Christman,CR, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Austin Eugene Badger, CR/MD-27-18, Contempt, DA/PD

CPM-Bryce Edward Fisher, CR/SA-25-18, Contempt, DA/Ryan

CPM-Brandon Douglas Quail, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Brian Lee Chronister, CR, Contempt, DA/Lindsay

MFS-Joseph R. Keil, CR, Compel/Extend Time/Continue, DA/Brian Manchester (IN PERSON PROCEEDING)

Tuesday, Nov. 17

8:30 a.m.

CPM-David Arthur Wynn, CR, PCRA, DA/Lingle (SCI Houtzdale)

Central Court-3rd flr. hrg. rm. w/DA & PDs

Wednesday, Nov.18

Custody cases

Thursday, Nov. 19

Miscellaneous cases

Friday, Nov. 20

Miscellaneous cases


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