Courthouse Roundup


— Marilou Embick, of Loganton, to Michael Scott Embick, of Loganton, on Jan. 7.

— Jessica Lynne Erb Confair to Jonathan Michael Heim on Jan. 11.

— Joseph Spencer Terriman, of Mill Hall, to Patricia Inez Walters, of Mill Hall, on Jan. 11.


No divorces were recorded.


— Donald E. Persun and Persun Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Tiffany Klobchar for $102,000, property in Crawford Township.

— Travis J. Lupold to Brenden R. Hunter for $111,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Juanita K. Horne to Sylvia S. Stover and Bailey J. Toner for $135,000, property in Lamar Township.

— Clayton D., Douglas L. and Debra D. Desmond to Benjamin and Sarah Wheatley for $105,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

— Steven M. and Linda M. McClain to Michael D. Sr. and Pamela L. Hubbard for $147,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Patricia A. Reynolds to E&C Properties LLC for $120,000, property in Dunnstable Township.

— Cynthia K. Dobens and Margaret A. Miller Estate to Patricia A. Reynolds for $155,000, property in Woodward Township.

— Penn Dutch Farms LP, Gary L. Weaver and We Mar Inc. to Clarence A. Jr. and Teresa J. Brooks for $247,831.31, property in Beech Creek Township.

— Jean L. Kost, Ruth E. Nyman, William D. Bair and Thelma I. Bair Estate to Devon S. Bechdel and Cheyenne N. Bennett for $95,000, property in Lock Haven.

— John E. and Nicole M. Yarrison to Alexandria Shock for $347,900, property in Bald Eagle Township.


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