Courthouse Roundup


— Shaun Staton Donohue, of State College, to Caroline Lee Rublein, of State College, on April 30.

— Hannah Ward Shoemaker, of Lock Haven, to Joshua Lewis Winchester, of Avis, on April 30.

— Courtney Michele Barner, of Loganton, to Mark Orlando Rovenolt, of Loganton, on May 3.

— Debra Kay Beam, of Mill Hall, to Kim Vincent Strouse, of Mill Hall, on May 4.

— Amanda Victoria Lenz, of Lock Haven, to John Robert Mayes IV, of Lock Haven, on May 4.

— Alicia Barbara Paulhamus, of Cogan Station, to Cody Allen Young, of Cogan Station, on May 4.

— Jeremy Curtis Smith, of Lock Haven, to Tracy Yost, of Lock Haven, on April 4.


No divorces were recorded.


— Anthony Lee and Sara Tyrrell to Angie M. Green for $6,500, property in Renovo.

— Tana McGhee-Wegner and Darla K. Conway Estate to Crystal A. Strouse for $135,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Robert E. Jr. and Jori A. Williams to Cameron M. Bechdel for $225,000, property in Dunnstable Township.

— Amanda L. and Matthew C. Ringham and Amanda L. Rash to Marsha Michelle Morris for $160,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Ryan M. and Angela M. Thomas to Travis and Cheryl Gibiser for $170,900, property in Avis.

— Christine Anne Neidrich and Kip D. Hoffman to Dukane J. Muthler for $12,000, property in Beech Creek Township.

— James R. and Linda M. Gross to Thomas and Julia Hildreth for $176,000, property in Chaptman Township.

— Sharon and Boyd Wetzel to Cody A. and Marisol L. Bower for $120,000, property in Lamar Township.

— Dianne S. Keister to Ryan M. Todd for $27,000, property in Mill Hall.

— Robert B. Boob Jr. to Autumn R. Price for $128,800, property in Pine Creek Township.

— Craig R. and Joanne Rachau to Lisa Myers for $34,000, property in South Renovo.

— George and Beatrive A. Zakem and Marianne G. Hegge to Shane E. Reeseman and Achsa L. Novak for $232,000, property in Porter Township.

— Phyllis L. Kouf to Phyllis L. Kouf and Justin R. and Nicole M. Woomer for $25,920, property in Chapman Township.

— Jessica Immel to Cody Dalton Flick and Chelsea Lynn Emel for $165,000, property in Porter Township.

— Cathalin T. Schminky to Gary F. and Allyn A. Danni for $450,000, property in Gallagher Township.

— Brire Real Estate LLC and Richard Warren and Rebecca J. Buttorff to Bell Hollow Rentals LLC for $114,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Joshua M. and Jennifer H. Drouin to Alexis, Eric and Melissa Dershem for $108,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Joseph R. Sr. and Edward R. Jr. Nestlerode and Nestlerode Real Estate to Thomas L. and Cheryl K. Myers for $45,500, property in Woodward Township.


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