Courthouse Roundup


— Caryn Elizabeth Yoas, of South Williamsport, to Shane Allen Walters, of South Williamsport, on June 10.

— Camille Bomboy, of Howard, to Zachary Wallace, of Howard, on June 10.

— Jarred Dincher, of Lock Haven, to Kayla Kline, of Lock Haven, on June 11.

— Carla Marie Condo, of Mill Hall, to Kyle Alan Wagner, of Lock Haven, on June 14.

— Kelsey Leigh Everhart, of Mill Hall, to Zachary Robert Rote, of Mill Hall, on June 14.

— Jon W. Heimer, of Lock Haven, to Diann H. Schmouder, of Lock Haven, on June 14.


No divorces were recorded.


— Robert T. and Tammy L. Dauber to Roger A. Williams, for $3,000, property in Crawford Township.

— Robert Rinker and Delores V. Peterson Estate to Terrapin Investment Fund I LLC for $144,000, property in Pine Creek Township.

— John Christopher Rickert to Kim M. Walizer for $183,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Kenneth L. Grieb and Robert A. Grieb Estate to Robert G. Miller for $125,000, property in Logan Township.

— Frederick J. and Theresa A. Jacobs to Rosemarie Wilson and Matthew Porter for $118,400, property in Lock Haven.

— Sarah A. Kitchen and William C. Marshall Estate to Dimy Marcelin for $120,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Linda L. and Jerry W. Lusk and Barbara J. and Ronald E. Bair to Jerry W. Lusk Jr. for $45,000, property in Mill Hall.

— Darlene K. and Tim E. Jameson and Debra A. and William J. Percival to Travis M. Welch for $209,900, property in Crawford Township.

— Kacie M. Stover and Kacie M. and Harold G. Leopold to Richard M. and Tabitha N. Hayes for $167,000, property in Mill Hall.

— Donna M. Yealy and Joseph Yealy Estate to Frank Harner, Daniel Neidinger, James Swartz and Robert and Ronda Rohrbaugh for $11,000, property in East Keating Township.

— Gale M. and Patricia F. Brooks to Trent Dunlap and Cynthia Griffin for $189,000, property in Avis.

— Betty J. Shady to Doyle E. Croak Jr. for $6,000, property in Woodward Township.

— Marcella Joann Englert, Marcella J. Hosley and Richard L. Heimer to Erin Sebastian for $290,000, property in Dunnstable Township.

— Kelly K. Kulp to Ira R. Kulp for $135,000, property in Gallagher Township.

— Robert C. Smith Jr. to Michael A. Rogers and Trisha L. Pearce for $290,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.


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