Clinton County Court of Common Pleas schedule for Sept. 13-17

LOCK HAVEN — The following schedule for Sept. 13-17 is provided by the Clinton County Court of Common Pleas and is subject to change depending on the needs of the court system. Domestic relations hearings are also restricted and aren’t listed.

Abbreviations — CR denotes criminal procedures; CV civil procedures.

Names listed first are the names of the defendants and names near the end of each designation with the “/” between are the last names of the attorneys involved in the cases.

CPM is for hearings before Judge Craig Miller. MFS is for hearings before Judge Michael Salisbury. DA stands for District Attorney and PD for public defender. ARD is a first offender probation program. Revo stands for revocation hearings of different types and PWV is probation without verdict.

Monday, Sept. 13

8:15 a.m.

MFS-Todd Allen Caris, Sentencing, DA/Brungard

8:30 a.m.

CPM-Stephanie Ann Hamilton,CR, Further Hearing, DA/Lingle

CPM-David Christopher Walker,CR, Parole Revo., DA/Decker

MFS-Justin Dean Etters, CR, Further hearing/Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson

MFS-Anthony James Cronmiller,CR, Disposition, DA/Jasper

MFS-Brent Michael Adrian, CR, Further Hearing (revo.), DA/Johnson

MFS-Kathy Marie Lachat, CR, Further Hearing (revo.), DA/Decker

CPM-Ronald Lyle Frank, CR, Call of List, DA/Decker

MFS-Thomas Michael Miller, CR, MD-113-21/MD-131-21, Further Hearing, DA/Yates

CPM-Tylar Mark Titus, CR, Contempt, DA/Johnson

CPM-Robert Lee Dugan, Jr., CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson

MFS-Kristie Regina Gallaher, CR, Parole/Prob. Revo., DA/Decker

MFS-Jonathan Wesley Gadd, CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Johnson

MFS-Markiss David Hubbard, CR, Sentencing/Resentencing, DA/Johnson

CPM-Catherine Jean Garcia, CR, Contempt, DA/Marc Drier

MFS-Joshua David Beach, CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Marc A. Decker

CPM-Nicholas Paul Hurd, CR, Prob. Revo., DA/Yates

CPM-Lacy Elizabeth Eisemann, CR, Sentencing, DA/Decker

11 a.m.

MFS-Behavioral Health Court

11:30 a.m.

CPM-Treatment Court Picnic

MFS-Veterans’ Court-Jury Room & Ct. Rm. #2

1 p.m.

MFS-Treatment Court-Jury Room & Ct. Rm. #1

3 p.m.

CPM-City of Lock Haven Vs. Larson Design Group, Inc. Vs. O’Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. and Layne Christensen Company & Avery Dennison, et al., #423-18 CV, Status Conf./Argument,

Tuesday, Sept. 14

8 a.m.

MFS-Wesley Cleon Snyder, CR, Resentencing, DA/Rude

10:30 a.m.

CPM-Jeremiah Lyle Ammerman, #MD-171-2021 MD, PFA Violation, DA/?

Thursday, Sept. 16

8:30 a.m.

MFS-Devon Jarrett Bushor, CR, Disposition Hearing, DA/George Lepley

CPM-Bonna June Ward, CR, Restitution, DA/Johnson

Friday, Sept. 17

8 a.m.

Carlos Manuel Pacheco Cortes, CR, JS, DA/Andrea P. Pulizzi

James Francis Evans, CR, JS, DA/Lingle

Bobby Joe Winkelman, CR, JS, DA/Christian A. Lovecchio

Devon Jarrett Bushor, CR, JS, DA/Lepley

Thomas Michael Miller, CR, JS, DA/Yates

MFS-Justin Dean Etters, CR, JS, DA/Johnson

Alvin Wesley George, III, CR, JS, DA/Andrea Pulizzi

Jenean Katherine Mace, CR, JS, DA/Johnson

Allison Rae Sechrist, CR, JS, DA/Yates

Aaron Lee Clark, CR, JS, DA/Kyle W. Rude

Christopher Arlen Temples, CR, JS, DA/Peter T. Campana

Eric Montague King, CR, JS, DA/Johnson (CPM assigned)

CPM-Helina Abebe, CR, JS, DA/Lingle

MFS-Torr Thomas Gray, CR, JS, DA/Lingle

CPM-Donald Lee Adams, Jr., CR, JS, DA/Lindsay

CPM-Christopher Alexander Austin, CR, JS, DA/Megan Perez

CPM to sit on behalf of Judge Grine-Shawn Michael Mills, CR, JS, DA/Yates

MFS-Nathan William Weaver, CR, JS, DA/Robert A. Hoffa obo Peter T. Campana

CPM-Progressive Casualty Insurance Company Vs. Abdul Qafar Dahir/Boss Transit Systems, LLC, CV, JS, /Michael J. Dougherty/Nathalie Paul/Jason A. Statler

CPM-Thomas Riley Vs. Lindsay, Adams, LH Hospital, Williamsport Hospital, et al. CV

Counsel for Riley Vs. Lindsay/Wmpt. JS: Cathleen Kelly Rebar/Patrick J. Healey/Richard F. Schluter/N. Randall Sees/Stuart T. O’Neal/Nicole C. Freiler/Garabet M. Zakeosian/Thomas R. Kline/Kila B. Baldwin/Ashley Zingaretti/Brett J. Engelkraut/John G. Himes

CPM/MFS-Jury Selection

8:30 a.m.

Ronald Lyle Frank, CR, JS, DA/Decker (ck. 9/13/21)


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