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CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Furry, lovable pets are available at Calico Creek Feed and Pet, located at 2967 Eagle Valley Road in Mill Hall.


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MILL HALL — Calico Creek Feed and Pet is the one-stop shop for pet owners to make sure they have everything they need to take care of their animals.

The business carries a full line of dog food, cat food, small animal feed, horse feed, wildlife and deer feed. It features a full-service grooming room, paw spa and vet clinic on site to keep your furry companions looking and feeling good. Professional groomers are on staff and offer a variety of services for your pet. The Calico Creek Paw Spa offers baths, pedicures, dental brush, special haircuts and spa treatments of all kinds. Dog obedience classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The classes are hosted by Bob Barth so pups can learn proper behaviors.

They also have gifts for your pets and the pet lover from jewelry to coffee mugs. Just ask the friendly staff where treats and goodies are and they’ll be sure to guide you through the many snacks they offer for pets. Looking for a new present for your pet? Then check out the diverse selection of toys, outfits and costumes on display.

For 12 years, Calico Creek has serviced Mill Hall and neighboring communities with pet treats, grooming and classes. Calico Creek – an 18,000 square foot building – is a family owned store that was founded by Ernie and Nancy Renninger in 2005 in recognition of Nancy’s deep love of animals. The business has grown since then and has broadened its variety of services offered to pet owners.

It is the largest store of its kind for 40 miles. Calico Creek has 19 employees that assist in keeping old fashioned service alive, such as taking feed to customer’s cars. Calico Creek goes above and beyond with its endless supply of animals, pet supplies, gifts, jewelry and equipment.

Calico Creek not only strives to be a unique shopping experience, it also provides an atmosphere that encourages learning and improving the well-being and health of pets and animals. New pet owners and returning animal lovers that make a purchase they are given care sheets for the animals in their care, ranging from rabbits and ferrets to dwarf hamsters and geckos.

Store manager Heather Robinson oversees the day-to-day preservation of the store.

“We try to educate them on everything we can, from trying to get a new hamster to deciding what horse feed to get. We have starter kits that we hand out for the pet owner so that the have everything they need when they leave with the animal,” Robinson said.

CHRIS MORELL/THE EXPRESS Calico Creek is a pet lover’s dream. It has everything from supplies and food to live animals.

Keeping the customer in mind is something that Robinson said Calico Creek does best.

“Since we breed as many as we can here we try keeping our prices lower for the consumer,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, one of the main reasons Calico Creek breeds animals is to offer customers animals in good condition. Customers know that animals are healthy giving them the choice of knowing where they’re coming from compared to others out there.

Robinson maintains the busy store with the help of her staff. The full-time caretaker for majority of the animals is Tammy Parker, who does everything from breeding and feeding to cleaning and caring.

“The animals are easy to handle and I usually feed them once every day and sometimes I have to change the birds paper lining a little more,” Parker said.

Parker said that one of the most frequently purchased animals are rabbits, especially the new mini satins. The mini satin rabbits range from white with grayish blue eyes to amber brown with red and even some with spots.

Looking for a fish? Calico Creek has an extensive fish room with over 60 tanks. Wendy Pavalko, the store’s reptilian and aquatic overseer, maintains the health of more than 44 different kinds of tropical fish and 18 different reptiles. Calico Creek also carries exotic birds – everything from parakeets and parrots to hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Calico Creek doesn’t stop there. This time of year, chicks are extremely popular. According to Robinson, they expect litters of 275 a week that will easily grow to roughly 4,000 chicks for the whole season. For those looking to keep a chick as a pet, the store even carries chicken harnesses with leashes for owners to use when walking them.

“We’re more than a pet store … we have a close knit relationship with our staff and customers. One of our customers comes and brings Christmas gifts for our groomers because of the extra care they put in,” said Robinson.

The in-depth care that Calico Creek gives its customers is unmatched.

“We don’t just want to sell,” Robinson said. “We want to help them get the things they need to help keep their pet or animal healthy … we’re here to help.”

Calico Creek

Feed and Pet

2967 Eagle Valley Road,

Mill Hall, Pa. 17751



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