Stoltzfus Butcher Shop — it’s worth the drive to East End

AMBER MORRIS/THE EXPRESS Stoltzfus Butcher Shop is located 1784 East End Mountain Road, Mill Hall. The shop is open Monday through Saturday.


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MILL HALL — Stoltzfus Butcher Shop of East End Mountain Road is located about 2 miles from the cross roads in Rote, and although it may seem like a bit of a drive for those living in the Lock Haven or Jersey Shore areas, the journey is well worth the reward of Stoltzfus’ top quality meats and cheeses.

Owner Mark Stoltzfus started seasonal dairying in 1993, and by 2000 the milk he was producing was organic. However, two years ago he was notified that the organic co-op he was using to distribute his raw and organic milk products would no longer be able to direct sell and ship goods. Hearing this news, Mark decided to exit the dairy business and began the transition from dairy cattle, to beef cattle, and opened up a small butcher shop on the property near his home.

Each year they continued to butcher more beef, and process more and more deer. Eventually he added pork processing, and the business became so successful that they outgrew the original store, and in the Fall of 2017 opened a new market down over the hill from their house. According to Mark, business is booming.

“We processed about 800 deer for people over this past year,” he said. “We always want to accommodate our customers, so even though we are busy, we have openings for custom processing for beef and pork, and are still processing venison.”

In addition to custom meat processing, Stoltzfus Butcher Shop offers an abundance of outstanding special meat cuts, as well as meat bundles, hamburger, pork chops, steaks, lunch meats, cheeses, ring bologna, frozen seafood, and something else that nobody in the Central Pennsylvania area is doing – serving his customers “made to order” sausage – while they wait.

Mark explained how it works. “People come in, pick the style of sausage they want, and then choose from our long list of seasonings, and in about 5 minutes, we have custom made sausage ready for them to take home.” Seasoning blends include – apple sausage, farmhouse bratwurst, breakfast sage, hot Italian, maple, mild country, Polish kielbasi, poultry, Chesapeake Bay, smoked, jalapeno pepper, sun-dried tomato, sweet Italian, English banger, andouille, hot buffalo, Greek, and cracked black pepper.

Stoltzfus Butcher Shop has a few more items that are “must haves,” for first time visitors. Make sure to try their melt in your mouth homemade Canadian bacon, their smoky and salty dried beef, and Mark’s other wonderful little secret weapon that he came up with on his own – beef brisket bacon. Mark has taken a beef brisket and transformed it into something so delicious and delightful that once you try it, you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life. Fried up in a pan and served alongside some dippy eggs, it’s the perfect breakfast. Or throw it on a bun with some barbecue sauce for a real treat.

The shop is ultra clean and beautiful, with tables full of baked goods, local canned goods, and maple syrup that was collected from the nearby woods. Near the checkout counter sitsThe young women behind the meat counter smile and joke around, and tell their patrons stories of summertime walks across the field to get to the shop, or how they are related to Mark, and before long, you feel as if you’ve made a new friend. Their love for their business, their customers, and their craft, is apparent in every aspect of the store. Mark says that their customers always come first, and because of this, he wants everything to be right.

“I spend most of my time in the back cutting meat, but we do like meeting new visitors and taking good care of our loyal customers too,” said Mark. “The workers out here in the shop are glad to help everyone, and we hope that people like what we are doing. We want to give the customer a good experience.”

Stoltzfus Butcher Shop is located at 1784 East End Mountain Road, Mill Hall, Pa. 17751 and is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.. They are closed on Sundays. They can be reached by phone at 570-726-7799.

Stoltzfus Butcher Shop

1784 East End

Mountain Road,

Mill Hall, Pa. 17751



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