Mountainside has you covered for outdoor furniture

PHOTO PROVIDED Mountainside, a Loganton company, builds and sells outdoor furniture.

LOGANTON — Spring is almost here, and with it comes that irresistible urge to spend time outdoors, renovating your pool area, decorating your flower beds and gardens, or getting together with your friends and family for a picnic.

At Mountainside Lawn Furniture on East Winter Road in Loganton, they are ready to help you achieve those things. Since 1992, they have been building crafts and furniture to help people improve their outdoor space.

They started out with wood crafts, and now today, they build everything out of poly, which is a HOPE plastic material made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs. Every year, millions of plastic jugs are recycled to make this poly material. These plastic jugs are sanitized and shredded into small bits. They are then melted down and extruded into what we would call lumber.

At Mountainside Lawn Furniture, they turn this lumber into crafts using bandsaws, shapers, routers and other hand tools so that everything is still handcrafted and there are no computerized machines used to build their furniture.

The benefits of poly material are huge, way more than what can be described in this article. It never cracks, splinters or rots and it will keep its new look year after year. In wood or some other composite materials, stains and dirt penetrate into the fibers and can’t be taken back out. In poly material, it cannot penetrate into the material and therefore, can easily be washed off with soap and water.


The furniture is assembled with stainless steel hardware, so you can be assured of years of service. The company also stands behind their products so in the event that something would go wrong with anything, they would repair it at no cost to the customer.

Be sure to come to Sugar Valley on April 2, 3 and 4 and stop in for some great savings. On these days, there are quite a few businesses in the area that have storewide sales and it is a great time to check them out.


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