Nan’s Donuts taking the area by storm

LAURA JAMESON / THE EXPRESS The display case is filled with donuts of many varieties.

LOGANTON — How can something made so simply, become so popular?

Just ask the employees at Nan’s Donuts.

Founded by Joe and Nancy “Nan” Byler, the business began after Nan first started baking and selling her product from the couple’s home.

Nan’s Donuts are just homemade donuts. They’re made fresh every Wednesday and Saturday morning at the shop at 98 E. South St. Suite 100, Loganton.

Nan and her crew start at 2 in the morning and can have orders prepared just a few hours later at 6 a.m. when the doors of the shop open.

The little shop features a display case for the over 30 varieties of flavors, some pre-packaged containers of donuts and a few tables and chairs. Nan encourges people “don’t be bashful, have a seat and enjoy!”

The donuts are sold by the half dozen or dozen and can be mixed and matched however you choose. You can also buy a cup of coffee and a donut for $1.


Traditional Donuts

— Mapled Iced

— Vanilla Iced and/or sprinkles

— Chocolate Iced and/or sprinkles

— Glazed

— Cream filled – glazed

— Cream filled – powdered

— Cream filled – Glazed coconut

— Cream filled – Caramel iced

— Cream filled – chocolate iced

— Cream filled – with Oreo

— Raspberry cream with powder

— Raspberry jelly – iced or powered

— Strawberry and cream

— Blueberry and cream

— Peaches and cream

— Cherry and cream

— Bavarian creme with chocolate

— Bavarian creme with poweder

— Bavarian creme with coconut

— Peanut butter – iced

— Peanut butter with powder

— Peanut butter with chocolate

— Peanut butter with peanut butter

— Peanut butter with Oreo

— Apple crumb

— Lemon – iced or powdered

— Coffee cream

— Mocha

— Salted caramel

— Cinnamon twist

— Cinnamon pinwheel glazes

— Caramel nut pinwheel

Cake donuts

— Blueberry

— Sour cream

— Chocolate

— Orange

— Cherry

Seasonal donut flavors

— Pumpkin cake

— Pumpkin streusel – for fall

For Christmas

— Candy cane

— Fruit cake donut


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