Stoltzfus Butcher Shop now offers catering services

LANA MUTHLER/THE EXPRESS Customers look at meat and cheese at Stoltzfus Bucher Shop.

MILL HALL — Stoltzfus Butcher Shop on East End Mountain Road outside of Mill Hall has already made a good name for itself with their fresh cut deli meats and cheeses; beef, pork and venison processing, and a wide variety of sausages, bologna and other meat products that make the trek to East End Road worth the trip.

So now Mark Stoltzfus has decided to branch out into another area.

He’s been testing the water for some time with his monthly chicken barbecues and he’s found the water’s hot, even during the coldest months. In January, he said they sold out of chicken by noon.

“We’re going to do more barbecues this summer and we’re going to start catering … parties, reunions, weddings,” Mark said.

“We’ll prepare all the food here and it can be transported to that special event,” he continued, excitement in his voice as he talked about getting into the catering business.


Menus have already been prepared and are being distributed, listing the items available and the costs.

Meats include pork in quantities of 25 pounds, 50 pounds, a 150-pound pig and a 250-pound pig; and chicken sold by the piece, from 40 pieces to 240 pieces in quarters and halves.

Mark said there is also side salads, roll, pies and ice cream.

“We’ll provide the whole meal, from pork and chicken to dessert, in any quantity desired,” he said.

The shop also makes hoagies and ham and cheese sandwiches in quantities up to 200 or even more if desired.

There is a discount for all fundraisers, he said.

Stoltzfus Butcher Shop has grown considerably since he opened a small market almost 20 years ago. In 2017 he opened his new market not far from his home on East End Mountain Road, about two miles from the crossroads in Rote.

In addition to the custom meat processing, Stoltzfus offers an abundance of outstanding special meats cuts as well as meat bundles, hamburger, port chops, steaks, ring bologna, frozen seafood and made-to-order sausage while they wait.

People come in and pick up the style of sausage they want and then choose from a long list of seasonings and in about five minutes, the custom made sausage is ready for them to take home. Seasonings include apple sausage, farmhouse bratwurst, breakfast, sage, hot, Italian, maple, mild country, Polish kielbasi, poultry, Chesapeake Bay, smoked, jalapeno pepper, sun-dried tomato, sweet Italian, English banger, andouille, hot buffalo, Greek and cracked black pepper.

It’s always a pleasant visit to the butcher shop, as the ladies behind the counter are anxious to fill an order just the way the customer wants it.

There’s always a sample table to test the palates of shoppers, with pieces of various types of bologna and sausage, special sauces and crackers on hand.

If you’re looking for something special, just ask. Mark aims to please.

He’s proud of the way his business has grown and enjoys making his customers into good friends. Now he’s anxious to take the next step and become a caterer.


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