The birds are singing for Jeff Bayliff as he celebrates 8 years in business

PHOTO PROVIDED Jeff Bayliff sits at his desk.

LOCK HAVEN — Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center at 344 E. Church St. in Lock Haven is celebrating eight years of helping people hear better in our community and the surrounding area. Owner, Jeff Bayliff says, “I rejoice at how my efforts have grown. I give thanks for the progress that has been made.”

Bayliff’s hearing aid center opened in May of 2012 on a part time basis. He drove a coach bus for Susquehanna Trailways to supplement his income until the business needed a larger portion of his time.

“In the early days, my wife, Tanya Boone-Bayliff, and I would set up and take down my equipment and move all her furnishings behind a screen in her shop”. Boone-Bayliff owns “Today’s Look” a hair removal salon at the same location. Jeff said, “I worked off a card table for a number of years until Tanya made me a custom designed desk for the lobby. There, I have space for my business, seating for my clients, and a restroom. If someone comes early while patients are still with me, I move the new arrivals into Tanya’s shop where there are chairs too.”

Bayliff’s wife said, “Our clients are rarely here at the same time. Once in a great while one of my clients will have to leave past one of Jeff’s patients but it is never a problem.”

From very simple beginnings, Hear the Birds Hearing aid Center has grown into one of the busiest hearing aid locations in Central Pennsylvania. Bayliff attributes his low prices for top level technology as the driving force behind his success. “Pricing and customer service are keys, but behind it all is God gracious blessing. I am not ashamed to say that I know that it is the Lord that gives the increase.”

Elizabeth Sibley, Eastern Pennsylvania Territory manager for Oticon, one of Bayliff’s main suppliers says, “Everyone at our Somerset, New Jersey offices is impressed with what Jeff Bayliff is doing in a very small location in a relatively small population center. I have accounts with multiple audiologists and a very large population that don’t come close to his success. In his early days, other accounts I service within driving distance of Clinton County would ask me if we were giving Jeff a special wholesale price that let Jeff sell at such lower prices. I always told them that Jeff simply had a different business philosophy and a passion to help as many people hear better as possible. I know regional prices and Jeff Bayliff is without question the lowest priced for hearing aids. In addition, I have seen him work with his patients. He is a natural, loves people, and really knows his stuff technologically. GNResound one of my competitors named him a Master Hearing Aid Practitioner.”

Dr. James J. Dolan, MD the founder and co-owner of Mid-State Occupational Health in Williamsport said in a recent ad placed in the Express, ” I asked Jeff Bayliff if I could endorse him in an ad because I have worn hearing aids for 20 years and he is without question the very best hearing aid professional I have ever met. Scientifically, Jeff is very capable, and personally, he is pleasant and very easy to deal with in all matters related to my hearing. I can now hear the turkeys and the ducks! Seeing Jeff Bayliff for hearing aids related to experience, price, and professionalism is worth the drive from Lycoming, Clinton, Centre county or anywhere you may be reading this ad. Call Jeff for all your hearing aid needs!”

Bayliff seems humbled by the accolades. “I am truly honored to help people hear better, gain their trust, and have them refer other people to my practice. I don’t take that support for granted and know that each day is an opportunity to treat people right.”

Hear the Birds Hearing aid center is by appointment due to the logistics of two businesses using the same space. Jeff said he has no plans to move to a larger location. “It is working now so why tamper with the formula, besides I tell people one of the reasons my prices are low is because I rent from my wife and she doesn’t charge me any rent! We live upstairs above the office and it is awfully nice to walk down the back stairs to work.”

Jeff says the future of the industry and his business is exciting. “Technologically, we are seeing hearing aids do amazing things that we never dreamed about 15 years ago. These are certainly not your grandparents hearing aids.”

As to the future of his own business Jeff rejoices every day to know that he can get up and help people hear better.

You can see Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center at www.hearthebirds.com or you can call Jeff Bayliff at 570-748-5444.


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