Finding Faith: Uncomfortable truths

By Pastor Stuart Redcay

Before becoming a pastor, I worked within the medical field.

In medicine, the truth is generally not debated on the grounds of preference. When a doctor comes to the patient to inform them of a cancer diagnosis, rarely is that diagnosis rejected because the patient “doesn’t like it.” We may look for second opinions or alternate treatments, but the truth of the cancer is not a debated topic.

Truth in medicine – and numerous other areas of our lives – is non-negotiable on the basis of our feelings about truth. Yet in regards to eternity, we view and treat truth as deferential and often even constrained by our feelings.

I am the youth pastor at Big Woods Bible Church. Teenagers (who I primarily work with) can be remarkably candid. Once when discussing eternity and that after death we will go to heaven or hell based on our relationship with Christ, a student remarked that they didn’t like that fact.

They wanted eternity to work differently because if there are only two possibilities, that made them uncomfortable. This student is not alone in their desire for truth to be comfortable.

As adults, we often continue to treat the truth about religion in the same way. Rather than deeply examining different religious beliefs, we go with whatever religion “feels” best and makes us squirm in our seats as little as possible. We have, as a modern society, developed a desire for comfort rather than reality. We prefer to develop our own narrative, to develop gods and faiths (or a lack of faith) which is beholden to us. We desire not truth, but a child-like blanket of comfort.

Therefore, I encourage us all to seek truth above all… to examine our beliefs for that which we can determine to be true outside of the influence of our feelings.

I personally have come to the conclusion of Christianity based on the evidence which is abundant for not only the historical nature of the Bible but also for that of Jesus Christ. Truth will not always be comfortable (as the Bible teaches, I am a sinful person), yet that which is true is true regardless of our feelings for it.

A patient can hate that cancer diagnosis, but it doesn’t change the truth of it. What is true in this world and for all eternity is not constrained by our desires or feelings. We may be uncomfortable with it. We may want to live in absolute denial. However, the truth… the reality of this world, the reality of eternity… is not determined by us. It has been determined by an all-powerful God, who sent His Son to this earth so that we can know Him through His actions and His Word (the Bible). John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”


Stuart Redcay is a Youth Pastor at Big Woods Bible Church, Lock Haven.


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