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Lamar Lighthouse Camp plans new tabernacle

LAMAR — Since 1945 Camp Lamar — currently known today as Lamar Lighthouse Camp — has served 3 counties, Center, Clinton and Lycoming.

The property located in Lamar was originally bought by the Free Methodist Church so the Tyrone District of the Oil City Conference would have a permanent Campground.

In 1946 the first camp meeting was held under a tent. Later that year a building was purchased from Star Island/Indian Park, Montoursville and moved to the current location. This building was taken down board by board and re-assembled as the Tabernacle on the camp property making it the first permanent campground building.

Over the years Lamar Lighthouse Camp has welcomed people from all walks of life regardless of status, ethnicity or belief. The camp provides programs for children, youth and adults at no charge. The most popular of the programs are the weekly music concerts which have attracted children, youth and adults from surrounding counties averaging 200 plus weekly.

In 2018 through an inspection of the tabernacle, structural problems were identified which created a safety risk preventing the camp from using it for the weekly community music concerts and other camp ministries. The tabernacle had to be demolished with hopes to rebuild as soon as possible. Over the past two years members have held fundraisers and sought financial support from the communities they serve.

To date through the generosity of many they have raised $40,000. The building committee researched multiple options for replacement and secured plans for a metal structure. Fundraising continues to reach their goal of $125,000.

They now look to the generosity of the communities they serve. Your financial gift could be a general donation to the building fund or to purchase part of the building such as a window or a door. Donors will be recognized for their generous contribution.

For more information or to donate please contact Bill Hargenrader at 814-883-3472 or Lynette Trick 570-337-0203.

It is their hope that the tabernacle will be ready for the first concert June 2020. They look forward to seeing you there!


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