Sharing a personal story

I wanted to share with each of you readers a personal story and so here goes.

When I was six years old, I was sitting on my Mom’s lap in her favorite rocking chair. As we were relaxing together, my Mom was gently stroking my hair and she said to me, “Do you know how many hairs you have on your head?”

I said no but her question stokes my interest and I asked her if she knew. Her answer was no, but God up in Heaven knows. Wow.

I then asked about my father and my kid sister and the answer was the same… God knows.

She then finished our conversation by telling me that God knows exactly how many hairs are on everybody’s head in the entire world. Well, I have thought about my Mom and this conversation through the years and always cherish this particular memory I experienced with her.

But as I got older, and I mean a lot older — because I think almost an antigue, her story had a giant impact on my life.

My Mom’s story was an example of her faith and her true brilliance. Brilliance is sometimes hard to recognize particularly at six years old. But my antiqueness and a great friend of mine, whose name is Sandy, has made this story something I’d like to share with everybody.

Where Sandy comes into the story is that we have been life long friends, playing together back when I was six and he was seven. Remember now that Sandy and I are both antiques, but Sandy was such a valuable friend that he managed to get his foot in the air high enough to kick me in the butt. It was the best butt kick I ever got because it was the beginning of me being able to more clearly understand both my Mom’s story and Sandy’s effort to have me bring Jesus into my life.

That was a long time coming but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now allow me a few more words to explain why.

I now realize how truly brilliant my Mom’s words were because it was her way of explaining how truly amazing Jesus and his Holy Father are. Not only does he have a hair count but more importantly both my Mom and Sandy’s words have described how truly omnipotent, all powerful and loving God is to every human being here on this earth.

Stop for just a moment and try to comprehend that God and his son Jesus are responsible for the following gifts to us humans.

He gave us the mountains, the rivers, the trees and the flowers.

He gave us our parents, our children and our families.

He helped us to earn our earthly possession and quite significantly he gave us, the human race, the gift of intelligence which has led to medicines, technology, airplanes and more things than I can ever mention in this short story I’m sharing with you. Without his love, grace and brilliance we humans would have nothing.

But there is one more thing that he gave that I hope everybody who reads this will think about and cherish.

God gave each of us a tremendously valuable “inheritance.” He gave us the chance to enjoy our life here on earth and then to have everlasting life when we leave earth and go on to be with him in Heaven. His requirements for this inheritence are simply that we believe he sent his only son here to earth to die a torturous death on the cross and then returned back to Heaven to be with God his Father.

God wants us to worship Jesus as our Lord and Savior, who died this horrendous death as God’s method of forgiving each of us for the sins we all commit.

Pray to God each day, thank him for your blessing, thank him for Jesus and ask to be forgiven for your sins.

These things are what God wants you to do to guarantee you your heavenly inheritance. Trust me, this will be the most incredible gift you have ever received.

P.S. Thanks Mom and thanks Sandy.


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