Finding Faith: ‘God as our help!’

Rev. Alison Grove

At the center of the Bible is the book of Psalms. The book of Psalms is a great collection of songs and prayers for communicating the heart and soul of humanity. Feeling separated from God, the psalmist wouldn’t rest until he restored his relationship to God because he knew that his very life depended on it.

“What are you weary of?” After these long months for adjusting and readjusting because of the pandemic, being separated from family, friends, school, and church there is reason for feeling weary. But I am encouraged when the psalmist says, “Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Psalm 42:11).

The psalmist’s soul “thirsts for God.” Thirst is not just a desire, for the human body cannot live without water. For the psalmist, God is the necessity of life. For Christians who live in a world that constantly raises the question, “Where is your God?” The psalms are indispensable liturgy and Scripture. For they disclose the real nature of our souls’ disquiet as thirst for God. The psalms turn us toward the worship of praise, as the psalmist says, “for I will yet praise him, My Savior and my God.”

Even Jesus, who fully embodied dependence upon God, could not escape disquietude of soul while he was in anguish over his approaching physical pain, separation from the Father, and death for the sins of the world (Matthew 26:38). Jesus’ strength came through his relationship with God the Father. The same strength that the psalmist longs for.

Men and women throughout history have come again and again to the book of Psalms for comfort during times of struggle and distress. Therefore, I would encourage you to focus your thoughts on God’s ability for helping you while taking advantage of God’s goodness.

— — —

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Rev. Alison W. Grove, pastor of Covenant and Faith United Methodist Churches, Lock Haven.


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